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Basic Goodness offers life-changing journeys for talented human beings

Meet Atalwin (on Skype)

Meet Atalwin Pilon, founder of Basic Goodness.
His focus is on changing people’s lives by taking them on inner journeys towards wisdom, compassion and strength.

Curious about discovering your real potential? Every journey begins with a first step. You can make that step today. Atalwin's transformational skills, experience and willingness to experiment have a big impact on those who are willing to make a change. You are welcome to find out for yourself. Your first Skype session is free of charge.


"Atalwin is a strong energy with a genuine passion to initiate change. He will not settle for less. In his approach he is open and honest and is not scared to show his own insecurities. He shows it takes courage to transform but he is willing to share his courage with you." Angela Spaxman, CC (IAC) - President International Association of Coaching

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100 Day Warrior

How about changing body, mind and heart all at once? How about truly becoming the best version of you, on the inside AND on the outside? Do you want to be stronger, faster, warmer, wiser and calmer than you ever felt before? Do you have a heartfelt desire to make a difference in this world? We are recruiting 8 Amsterdam-based men and women for a unique experiment around transformation and inspiring leadership. Check out the video!

100DayWarrior from Alaye van Empel - Aderemi on Vimeo.

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A Mindfulness Course That Will Blow Your Mind?

Basic Goodness also offers a unique and highly recommended 8-week journey into the realm of mindfulness. Atalwin is an experienced and skilled mindfulness trainer who helps his participants develop self-knowledge, inner peace and presence and builds strong teams in the process. Every company that wants to optimize human performance should invest in this mindfulness course for its people.

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Amazing Team Journeys

Looking for new ways to inspire and connect your people? Want something original and fun? Work on your company vision? Or do you experience bad morale or loss of motivation in your organization? No matter the reason for hiring him, Atalwin can bring your team to a new level with a Team Journey customized to your specific needs.

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