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Meet Atalwin, creator of the 100 Day Warrior

Atalwin Pilon is the founder of Basic Goodness and the creator of the 100 Day Warrior. This highly transformational program changes people’s lives by taking them on a path towards wisdom, compassion and physical strength.

Curious about discovering your real potential? Every journey begins with a first step. You can make that step today. Atalwin's transformational skills, experience and willingness to experiment have made a big impact on on the lives of previous participants. You are welcome to find out for yourself.


"Atalwin is a strong energy with a genuine passion to initiate change. He will not settle for less. In his approach he is open and honest and is not scared to show his own insecurities. He shows it takes courage to transform but he is willing to share his courage with you." Angela Spaxman, CC (IAC) - President International Association of Coaching

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100 Day Warrior

How about changing body, mind and heart all at once? How about truly becoming the best version of you, on the inside AND on the outside? Do you want to be stronger, faster, warmer, wiser and calmer than you ever felt before? Do you have a heartfelt desire to make a difference in this world? We are NOW recruiting new participants in Amsterdam and Utrecht for this powerful program. Check out the video!

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What change can a participant expect from the 100 Day Warrior?

More than 109 people have participated in this exclusive course. Most reported benefits are: better understanding of self, more peace of mind, emotional breakthroughs, more courage, more openness, physically stronger, considerable loss of body fat, less stress, increased muscle mass, improved parenting skills, improvement of relationship, improved listening skills, 'feels like I have more hours in a day', increased leadership skills, more compassion, self acceptance and a deeper, clearer sense of purpose.

Martijn's testimonial is shot on day 60

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The deeper ‘Why’

The 100 Day Warrior will let you experience the best version of you. That sounds appealing to pretty much everybody. But the program wasn't conceived just to make you feel good about yourself. The real reason was to bring change to the world. By undergoing the program you will become a believer in change because you saw yourself change. In the end the program is not about attaining a beach body but about bringing wisdom and compassion to the world.

Marjan's testimonial is shot on day 99

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