How and where to start your path

We are about to leave Lebongan and packing our bags. Mostly, we just had a lazy time, but with beautiful moments and nice conversation. When we left Scallywags (best restaurant in Lebongan, do not go to Indiana’s, the self-proclaimed 3 Michelin star chef is an imposter) we just knew that it was time to move on. I always find that an interesting phenomenon: that we just know when a conversation or phone call had ended. How do we know that? Anyway, this was something similar. We will be heading to our next destination in a couple of hours.

The writing of blogs from the heart has been a very nice experience so far, I strongly recommend it to anyone. I don’t receive much feedback (don’t be afraid to share in the comments section) but now and then people let me know through email that they have been touched, entertained or inspired. Sometimes these messages contain a question. Yesterday, after publishing the blog ‘Surrender’, I received an email from M. Her questions was “how do I now pursue and deal with surrender on my own?”. This gives me a nice angle for a new post because I realize it is a question that is alive in many of us.

What I do when I have a question is just look at it as if it is not mine. Writing it down helps me. Than I can start to see ‘who was asking’. In M.’s example the one who was asking was ‘the one who believes she can’t do it alone’ and ‘the one that needs help’. We can just acknowledge this. So it is true, sometimes we feel we need help. The other side is also true, we can pursue our path and follow our heart without being dependant on a guy like me or anybody else. This path that I like to call the way of the heart is about liberating ourselves. But before you know it we feel like walking a tight rope blind folded at gun point. Our mind makes the idea of liberation into an incredible burden, an impossible task.

We can count on our minds to play tricks on us. It will delude us and deceive us whenever it can. It happens to me all the time, as you might know by now. So let’s just not take ourselves and our ideas so fucking serious. Just to honest and nice towards yourself, that’s all. When we are honest we can feel the difference of being nice in a deluded way (making our life comfortable so we don’t have to face any confrontation and can lie that we are to ourselves that we are just fine) or we can be nice in an honest way (quitting our jobs when deep down we know we are wasting your lives there).

When we become honest and nice we start taking care about ourselves instead of postponing it. We can feel that authentic people are good for us, and silence, nature, healthy, real food and exercise. We can read about this path and actually start taking steps to integrate it in our lives. Read a couple of good books, learn to meditate (join my course in February if you are looking for a nice one) and promise yourself to unconditionally strive to live the best life your heart wishes for you. Be honest and nice. That’s all.

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