Pulp fiction, on special request

The second trick is to start listening closely to the advices we give and receive. When people give you advice they are actually talking to themselves and often experience the opposite (but they are unaware of that). Someone who tells you “don’t be afraid’ has many fears and tries to stuff those. Somebody who says “break out of the paradigm” wants to break out of self imposed structures himself (wink, wink). It goes both ways. When you say “just take care or yourself” to somebody it’s also a message for you. So my advice is: be very attentive to advice. It reveals the needs and fears of the advisor. Now who heard what my subconscious just said to me?

What is important to know but hard to grasp is that our identity or ego as we experience it is 100% false and wrong. The ‘I’ that defines you when you say ‘I am’ is not the real you. Actually, it is an illusion (or a partial truth) that spends a lot of energy on keeping you deluded. It’s primary function is to keep you away from the whole truth. It is doing a great job. 98% of the people are unaware of the fact that the ideas that they have of themselves are not reality.

Let me put it even bolder: everybody that did not experience some sort of spiritual awakening is not awake and therefore deluded. Chances are small that enlightened masters read my blog. That means that your experience of reality and of yourself, my dear reader, is just not true. And if your ego is doing it’s work you are now either offended or doubting my credibility.  Ain’t that wild?

Because that is the way I prefer to look at it nowadays: we are all part of this wild, amazing adventure. We all have identities that are actually fake (or incomplete) identities and instead of taking our identitiy too personal and feel wounded when we feels it is under attack we can try to reveal it’s workings. By going first I hope you become inspired to do that too: don’t take your ego serious and certainly don’t believe what he or she is telling you. Our ego is not something we should defend. Since we can’t get rid of it we might as well have some fun with it.

These are the first words that I type but you will probably not find them in the beginning of this post. I’m trying to fulfill the special request of my best buddy B. to not start with the introduction of – what he calls – a ‘problem’, followed by some sort of resolution and ends with a conclusion. It was the word ‘problem’ that triggered me to write this post. There is some judgment there, and dividing the world in right and wrong, good and bad, positive and negative is exactly how we create and maintain the illusion we are living in.

Now if I explained this correctly in four paragraphs doesn’t really matter. Because what I want to get to is how to catch yourself. Realize that the True Self is whole and complete, there is nothing outside of it. You are everything, everything is you. You don’t need to go to the super trancendental consequences of this information, just start by looking at what kind of person you think you are not. Maybe you truly believe you are not angry, or weak, or stupid, or smart, or sexy, or ugly. Then realize that you are it per definition but you might not be able to see it. Not only do we hide our ugly sides from ourselves, we also hide our greatness. Basically, we are constantly denying ourselves to be ourselves and you can hear that when you say “I am not..”  (fill in the dots). Once you become aware of what you claim not to be, you are mapping the boundaries between what you identify with and what you suppress. And it is fun to hear what other people are denying. It is flabbergasting to realize that we are all such a big bunch of lying liars, especially for me, who honelstly believed he was not dishonest.


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    I hessitated to post again an other comment, I thought it would make me look like a poseur. But as you write, raising this question already makes it questionable; well guess I just just am an attention hungry poseur, or not, I’ll accept both.
    Thanks for listening to me, that’s a nice feeling, even when the answer also kicks my ass a little 😉
    There is still a lot of me which I would like to loose and paterns of my parents which I don’t want to repeat. It’s a comforting thought not having to fight to reach this and start accepting that’s a part of me too. I’ll laugh, try to be open and honest about it,… and use this openness to prevent myself and others getting hurt too much along the way.

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