The Warrior’s Affirmation

I am a warrior.
I am one
who lives with honor and pride,
in my deeds, words, and actions.
I am a warrior, and I pay tribute
to myself, my family, and my gods,
by living rightly.
Honor is found not in the sword and the fist,
but in wisdom, and courage, and strength.
I will make the changes I need to make,
that I may live in an honorable way
and follow the code of the warrior.
I am a warrior,
and I have control
over my mind, my thoughts, and my sword.
I pledge to hold truth in my heart,
to hold strength in my hands, to be honest in my words,
and to stand on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.
This is the way of the warrior, and I shall live with honor.

– Author unknown


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