Video experiment: “Dear Friend”

To my horror and sadness I hear quite often that anything written is old-fashioned and there were even people whose surprised reaction was when I told I wanted to write a book: “why would somebody make a book?”. So tonight I experimented for the first time with video, with videoing myself with my iPhone to be more precise. A friend and I practiced a bit, trying to come up with a nice format to play around with when I go travelling. And I think I came up with a nice idea that I would like to share with you.

The idea is: “what if you imagine the camera to be you and you speak to the camera from a place of wisdom and compassion, addressing yourself as “Dear Friend”?” Just one take, speak from the heart. It turned out to be a pretty powerful exercise. It creates a heartfelt advice from oneself to oneself that could resonate with others too. Please watch the video and I’m curious to hear your responses. Wouldn’t it be cool if many people addressed themselves and the world with wisdom and compassion? Do try this at home!

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Nynke says

    Toen je Dear friend uitsprak naar jezelf, voelde ik meteen hoe het zou zijn als ik dat tegen mezelf zou zeggen. Ik voelde liefde en troost. Dank je wel voor het voorbeeld dat je geeft en de kwetsbaarheid die je daarvoor toont.

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