Wanna find freedom? Get naked (in spite of Illuminati)!

Bundaburg, Queensland, Australia.

I have arrived in Bundaburg this afternoon. I woke up at 05.30 in Rainbow Beach and started my day with naked body surfing before I would go to a place where wild dolphins would come in the morning. The beach was pretty much deserted but there was a couple who parked their 4×4 on the sand and was fishing in the early morning. I walked a few hundred meters away from them although our initial distance was more than 50 meters.

Of course it is kind of strange that I want to protect them from my nakedness and myself from their possible judgment. It is not that I am bothering somebody so early in the morning but of course the real question is ‘why we are so afraid of nakedness?’ When I made the decision to go skinny-dipping it was because I assumed I would be all alone. There would be nobody watching. Not only did I need specific circumstances to be naked (remote beach, early morning, alone) but when I realized the circumstances were ‘right’ I still needed to gather some courage.

But I did it. Ok, I created the safe distance first. 50 meters on a deserted beach in a country where 300 kilometers is still considered ‘around the corner’ is still equivalent to climbing on someone’s lap without pants, I guess. But it was more for my own convenience then out of politeness. Still, I played in the waves and it felt great. It felt liberating and free. And within a couple of minutes it felt natural and I wished that all of us would be able to start every day like this.

And now I am in Bundaberg doing some work. I see from the response that yesterday’s post about how to deal with the Illuminati has struck a chord. It makes me think about the role of fear once more.

The Illuminati are a supposed elite of evil and super rich people who are and have been plotting to control the human race and have been doing that for the last 200 years. Although I do not underestimate the willingness of people to go beyond the extreme to secure their position I am quite skeptical about the Illuminati as a reality. I don’t see how extreme greed driven and power hungry predators can work together flawlessly for hundreds of years and pulling of extreme projects like the attack on Pearl Harbor without leaking to the outside world of oblivious civilians. The latter implies trust, vision, integrity and patience, among other things: pretty enlightened and therefore paradoxical features for an organization that you would expect to be a snake pit, I would say. The living conditions the Illuminati have created for themselves seem too extreme and too painful to bear for all of those who are part of it: experience tells us that if people would grow up in such a cold, calculating and isolated environment sooner or later some people will speak out. Even killers, mafia members, CIA agents, children of Nazi’s and dictators and professional athlete’s came out with the secrets that were burdening them. Why don’t we have first hand testimonies from Illuminati family members?

Anyway: it is not that interesting to speculate about what I don’t know.

Meanwhile we do have the tangible presence of fear in our lives. I was afraid to drop my board shorts today, many people are afraid of speaking the truth, looking at their own faults and weaknesses, admitting mistakes, and challenging their beliefs. And we are completely conditioned by this. We don’t need the Illuminati to become reactive robots that respond to stimuli in habitual ways. Just our simple need for approval (and thus love) and fear of judgment and failure (that we experience as painful and shameful) will make us do things that seem terrible if we look closely. Most of us think it is completely normal and valid to sacrifice our honesty and integrity for a convenient salary. Maybe not all our integrity but for turning a blind eye and telling white lie here and there is always room, right?

Freedom is an experience, a state of mind. Or maybe better: a state of heart. When the mind is silent then the heart truly feels vibrant and overflowing. It is a physical experience of love and appreciation, of completeness. It is feeling the core of your being and realizing that nothing and nobody can touch it or steal it, not even the Illuminati. For me this experience comes and goes; it is not a permanent state. I long for that state to be my every day reality, which is, of course, one of my obstacles. But I have made great progress too, by hard work, perseverance and – fore mostly – making it into a daily practice of acknowledging and facing my fears. And this was in spite of the possible existence of dark forces like the Illuminati.

You are already caged, don’t blame others or mysterious forces for it (although our capacity to cage ourselves is quite mysterious indeed). You are already free but the only one who can unlock the cage is you. Find that container of fear and start examining your fears one by one. And then you will realize that becoming free is a process of becoming more and more naked. The more naked you are, the more light you will embody.  You will become lighter, brighter, stronger and more free. Your fearlessness will liberate others.

A friend of mine told me that dark forces are here to serve us. They challenge us to embrace the light, the goodness. When I have the strength and the wisdom to to good in any given situation, no matter how severely challenging the situation is, I am a free man. Acknowledge the forces that try to enslave you and master them. They will transform into grateful friends.

Now get naked and jump into the ocean and let me know how it felt.

PS: I have no pics of my skinny dipping. But even if I had I would lack the courage to post it unless it had turned out to be very artistic. The day I post a naked picture of myself will be another milestone on my path of revealing myself.

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  1. says

    Ah yes. The open heart and still mind bring freedom, not the freedom the mind imagines but rather true freedom which is to allow the world and everyone in it to be as they are. Compassion and the creativity to meet what is with love, even when it’s hard.

  2. Pausha says

    Yes. Be present to yourself completely, own it and enjoy it. When you don’t hide from yourself there is no reason to hide yourself from others.

    The concept of “privacy” always seemed quite suspect to me.

    • says

      Well there you hit another fascinating topic: privacy. As you know I feel (we both feel) that opening up is the way to a full life. Privacy suggests to favor a paradigm where we hide parts of our truth from others. On the other hand: since we live in a greed driven world the chance that someone will abuse openness for his own benefit is pretty much 100%. I dont hide my fears and insecurities but what if insurance companies have access to our genetical information and refuse people who likely will need costly treatment in the future their insurance?

      I feel that for me it is ‘too late’. I have already chosen this path of pretty much spilling my guts all the time. But sometimes I worry and I dont like it that Facebook and others always want access to all my contacts and insight in what I do. I want to be who opens up and I don’t want companies with unclear intentions to open me up without permission. That feels intrusive.

      What is your perspective?

  3. Lisa says

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