Home is where the heart is

Istanbul, Turkey.

Many things are happening in Istanbul. I am going from one little adventure to another. Through CouchSurfing I meet such interesting and diverse people and they take me through their city, each showing me their own version of Istanbul.

I go from house to house, either with just my small backpack or with both the big and the small pack. Tonight I met a guy who heard about my visit through a string of connections. He told me he felt the wind of my upcoming arrival going through Istanbul. Great guy, beautiful path, kind eyes. He just offered me to stay in his house during my remaining days. Although I just checked into a hotel today, I am inclined to accept his offer. I feel I should honor the invitations and the opportunities the Universe is presenting to me. It doesn’t feel right to decline, that would be as if I send back a gift accompanied with the message “I don’t want that”. Instead, I rather unwrap.

After I finished my last post in Iraq I received notice that the lease of my house is determined. I knew it was technically a possibility but I had never expected it to happen. I was shaky for about one hour. Everything that seemed solid was taken away from me in the last two weeks. No house. No relationship. Yesterday I heard my bird found a new place too. I have felt many doors opening last months, now I feel doors closing too. I have expressed the fear of coming back without anything being changed. Well, the Universe made sure I can’t go back to the old situation. Be careful what you wish for, said somebody today. I guess he is right.

I don’t know what the message is exactly but one thing I am seeing is that there is no hurry in going back. I am turning into a modern day monk. Home is not a physical place anymore: it is not an address. Home is where I am. Or “home is where the heart is” as the saying goes.

Sometimes I see glimpses from what I am initiating. I am allowing change to happen and now look: so many things are changing and so much space is created for new things that is feels inevitable that something unexpected and impactful will happen. And I have no clue what it could be. But chances are that this journey will become a powerful example of what can happen when we take the risk to follow a dream.

There is something beautiful about being released of all attachments and responsibilities. It seems symbolically correct. I also realized how crappy I would have felt if I would not have been traveling and would be kicked out of my house two weeks after my girlfriend dumped me. I would feel a lot worse. Now I don’t have to find a new house, I can keep traveling until a solution manifests. Actually, I will keep traveling until the Universe tells me to settle down again by creating the place where she wants me to live.

So I will be ok for a good while. But if anybody knows a place for my house sitter, friend and young entrepreneur Bass Prass, please contact him (or me). Something nice, clean and affordable in Amsterdam will make him very happy, I am sure. Oh, and he needs it this week.

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  1. Pim says

    Hey Atalwin,

    Door die verhalen van je leef ik een beetje mee met alle ervaringen en belevenissen!! Hoop dat alles zo verloopt als dat je wilt!! Kom je tussendoor nog een keer naar NL? Daarnaast kan ik je helpen met contacten in Pune en Nagpur in India! Groetjes

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