If I am ready to jump, are you ready to push?

As I said I feel terrified. The 14th of January, the moment of leaving Amsterdam to step into the unknown, comes closer and closer. While a large part of me just wants to hide under my bed for a year I handed over the lease of my apartment to a young friend of mine two days ago. So I have no bed anymore to hide under. The visa are in order. The video explaining the project is finished. Now I can only pray that things will work out. Please watch the video and let me know what you think.

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Would you like to help me?

To make my quest for the 21st Century Warrior into a success I need your help. By venturing into the world to search for inspiring people without a fixed plan and enough money but with the intention to do good I will put myself into the hands of the Universe. Something inside me wants to trust that if I give as much as I can to the world, the world will take care of me. But my biggest fear is to go unseen, unnoticed. l want this project to come alive. I hope you want to make this journey with me. I want to involve as many people as I can. So please follow me here on www.basicgoodness.com and on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to my mailing list, participate in the conversation, contribute. Read my posts and share them with your friends, especially if they live in places where I’m going.

As you learn in the video there are the 3 practical ways of supporting that are vital to this project:

  1. Do you want to back my project financially? Please donate and I will reward you!
  2. Know a cool group of people that would like to receive awesome Warrior Training? Connect (them) with me!
  3. Am I in your city? Please invite me!

1. Do you want to back my project financially? Please donate and you will be rewarded!

Your donations will make it possible to concentrate more on taking the interviews and less on pure survival. It will help improve the quality of the book tremendously. It is possible to become a backer by making a single donation of your choice or a monthly donation for a year (which is called a subscription and comes in shapes and sizes, from ‘pat on the shoulder’ via ‘I’m a fan’ to ‘I want you as my Skype Coach’).

If you like give structural support choose the monthly subscription that speaks to you and hit the Subscribe button:

If you prefer to give a single donation figure out which reward you like best and pledge appropriately after hitting the Donate button:

(Scroll down to read more about the rewards)

2. Got a cool group of people and want to receive awesome Warrior Training? Connect with me!

My mission is to make a difference, to connect as many people with their hearts as I can in all the countries I visit. I love my work and I think I’m pretty good at it (but feel free to read what former clients and participants say here). I will work for donations, food and shelter or good karma alone. It’s all good. You could be any sort of company, a management team, an ad agency, a school, a group of friends, students or classmates or a charity. Anything goes as long as you are enthusiastic and willing to learn. You can find me here.

3. Am I in your city? Please invite me!

I’m new, I’m alone and I don’t know anybody. I would like to meet inspiring people in your community and you might know them. But a nice dinner, a couple of drinks or a couch to crash on could also be a life-safer. Get in touch with me here.

This would be all, dear reader. Now it is time to take this leap of faith and hope that somebody will be there to catch me if I fall. I don’t think I have ever felt so vulnerable. Often I feel that I’m alone in this battle for goodness. I really, really hope to prove myself wrong. This journey will be the testcase. So here we go!

PS: To learn how backers will be rewarded click the Contribute button in the menu (or click here). It has basically the same information as this post but is a little more practical and a little less personal.


  1. Lobke says

    As the woman warrior on her horse, she greets you and gives you a powerful hug and kiss for your trip. Be brave and find what is coming.

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