Last night in Bali

Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia.

Ok, technically I am not in Bali but in Lembongan; a small island just outside Bali. I was on a secret coaching mission, working with a lady who owns a villa here. She left today so now I am all alone in her spacious ocean view condo. In my eyes the house is big but I realize my brother’s house was bigger. I think I still have my Dutch sense of scale, I guess. Everything abroad seems big to me (except the people).

I kind of liked the format we had: 4 days of intensive work. Normally I see a client once a week for a while or give a workshop that takes 1 or 2 days. I can’t really see what happens with my people after a session. But by living in the same house for a short but not too short period of time I could keep her focused and she had the opportunity to ask a million questions. We could create a beautiful mix of coaching, meditation and profound conversations over meals. Maybe I should specialize in working in villas on tropical islands. I think I am good at it. So if you own a villa somewhere on the Fiji islands or something and want to work on yourself intensively and learn to meditate and stuff: call me and put me on a plane. I will come hang out and do my best.

Tomorrow I am flying to Bangkok and from Bangkok to Sydney. I feel a bit nervous about leaving again but what else is new. I am a bit worried about the fact that Australia is so expensive but I am also looking forward to go back to a 1st world country: good coffee and people who understand all my English. I really don’t know what to expect. A guy who is friend of a friend and had heard about my journey offered me a room in his house and will pick me up from the airport. Another friend is considering lending me her car and yet another friend wants to spend time with me. I would say that these are good signs.

A couple of things happened today. I heard from my Indian friend Anu, who hosted me in Mumbai that she is organizing a bi-monthly event called the Mumbai Knights. She aims to structurally bring a group of people together and create deeper bonds, a sense of belonging. I feel that this is wonderful news! The Noble Warrior workshop that I gave for her and her friends actually led to something constructive. The work we started has found a new expression.

I received a donation from a dear reader just as I was receiving depressing news about the expensiveness of Australia. It was as if she told me in the name of the Universe not to worry. I am taken care of.

A friend from Moscow let me know how touched she was by the ceremony my brother and me did for our father. Her father died 8.5 years ago and she had the feeling he might not be completely at peace. First she was just playing with the idea of perhaps doing some kind of ceremony but after reading our story she made the decision to do it. She feels supported by my brother and me, doesn’t feel weird anymore. I wish her and her father similar relief.

My closest friend Bas had his bachelor party last weekend. He has been my partner in crime for many years. We lived together. We train together. We have been roaming nightclubs intensely since the beginning of the ‘90s. We were inseparable and unstoppable. I spoke to our mutual buddy Ed today. He told me that when he dropped Bas off at his place after the weekend Bas said he had missed me. This message brought tears to my eyes this afternoon and again now that I type this.

My client let me know she had a profound and life changing experience.

I can almost put my hands flat on the ground without bending my knees.

I don’t really now where this post is taking me. I look in the direction of the sea. It is dark outside but I can hear the ocean and see the lights at the coast of Bali. I feel gratitude and strength. I feel blessed with the teachings I received and with the work I was allowed to do. I feel something beautiful and blissful streaming through my body. I wonder if Bali has changed me.

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