Learning to trust

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

I am flying to L.A. today. I have a new adventure ahead of me. I feel confident about the jump I am about to take although I don’t know what will happen. I might meet sadness, happiness, obstacles or kindness and it is all good. Whatever the Universe will offer me I will receive.

As I type this down I feel a question coming up. Is this really what I feel? And where does that feeling come from? It almost sounds indifferent, like if I don’t care. But that is not the case. I still feel some fear and some vulnerability when I think about going through the process of arriving and adjusting to new time zones, food, customs, traffic, sounds and people. I can also feel resistance around potentially having to deal with problems that need solving. But underneath is just a quiet and peaceful trust that everything will work out as it is supposed to work out. And that is cool because I didn’t have this awareness when I started my journey.

The last couple of days I spend with my high school buddy Sandor. I did not see him since he graduated; I think I left our high school a year later. He arrived here 14 years ago – at the age of 26 – with 350 dollars in his pocket and is now living in a nice house with his lovely Australian wife and two adorable children. A week ago I spent time with John. Not only did he help me to get my window fixed; he took me to his country house in Bodalla.

Both men proudly showed me their lives, invited me in their houses, showed me their country and introduced me to their families. I was taken to nice places to hike and to good spots with nice views. It was a good teaching in what matters in life: be thankful, be kind to others, do your best and love your wife and children.

I have arrived on the airport and it seems I wont have enough to post this before boarding. Or maybe I can, if I speed up my conclusion and keep it short.

What did I learn from my trip to Australia? I learned to trust the journey. The Universe will guide us to the right place at the right moment. My intuition seems to have gotten sharper and my inner peace is expanding. I drove 6097 kilometers and 700 meters to get there. It was worth it.

I gave a workshop to a small audience that I believe to be one of my better ones. I received a healing from a very cool guy (didn’t even have the chance to write about that) who opened up a chakra that I wasn’t very well in touch with. It seems that I have made another step in my energetical development. But what touches me: he seems to see me as a like minded soul and collegue, offering me his help whenever I need it. I still find it humbling when amazing people want to support me without the blinking of an eye (and yes, I know I am projecting some of my insecurity here and that the back-up of all the other kind souls is just as valuable but I am in a hurry, ok?). My ‘team’ of warriors who are backing me up is getting stronger and stronger. It feels very good. I am ready for the next step. LA, here I come!


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