Let’s go to Thailand

Hong Kong, China.

I am not on my flight to Bangkok. Why? Because I don’t know the difference between am and pm. I went to bed at 2 in the morning last night and woke up at 6 to rush to the airport. There I found out that my flight was at 09.40 pm. In Europe we would say 21.40 for pm time and 09.40 for am time and I was 12 hours early.. Oops! Oh well, I went back to the hotel and managed to sleep a few hours more and do a bit of meditation. Now I am typing in the dining room because I had to leave my room.

It feels strange to leave Hong Kong. Yet again I will go to a new country to create a new adventure. I have no clue what will happen. I will miss my luxurious hotel room with over the top service from the student staff and realize there will be many cheap hostels, huts, couches and stretchers ahead of me with it’s own charm. And us usual I have no plan at all, I have not even looked at any map and have no idea if it will be hot, cold, dry or wet. But in my mind two things are different: I had a valid excuse this time (I was busy) and I don’t feel guilty or scared anymore. I remember how stupid I felt when I found out after arriving in Israel that there were no buses to from Jordan to Lebanon. This time I don’t mind: I am sure I will improvise something and something good will come out of it.

I don’t fear failure and I don’t feel pressure to perform or achieve something in Thailand. I have no financial stress either which feels great, I must admit. Would it just be my personal development that brings relief? I would like to say so. But the nature of the next country also gives me a sense of relaxation. I don’t have to ‘make it’ like I wanted to in Hong Kong, I don’t have to survive like in Iraq and I am not too worried about the food, like in India. Actually, I will give myself an assignment for Thailand right now: just relax, go with the flow and embrace what comes your way.

There are some intentions that I have. The only thing that has not been going as planned during the Quest for the 21st Century Warrior is the amount of warriors that I meet and the quality of the meeting. I want to live, learn, study and contribute with my warrior of choice for at least a week. I only managed to do so in Israel. A couple of years ago I saw an amazing documentary called “Buddha’s Lost Children”. It tells the story of a former Thai boxer who became a Buddhist monk. His name is Phra Khru Bah and he takes care of the children of the Golden Triangle. The region owes its name to the drugs smuggling and the opium, not it’s wealth. It is a tough and poor place in the far North of Thailand. I will try to find the dude. But as I have no telephone number or email address I can’t let him know I am coming. So it will be quite a surprise for him if I succeed in finding him. It will be interesting. We will see how it goes.

My other intention is to pursue my development as a healer and to learn more about the Kundalini energy and tantric practices. This will be interesting too because the plan is that a lot will happen in this area. I have made a (substantial) investment in myself by teaming up with a healer who I met in Israel. He will be my teacher and guide for a while. At this moment I don’t know what to expect and how the practice will unfold. I want to combine my education as a healer with a yoga course that I want to do at the Thai branche of Agama, the tantra yoga school that I studied with in India.

Everything is open again. I can re-invent myself once more. I wonder where my journey will bring me this time. Let’s go!

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    He Bruddha, klinkt alsof je je ritme gevonden hebt. Heerlijk om mee te lezen/leven. Ben benieuwd waar je langere tijd gaat blijven. Heb een gevoel dat dat niet amsterdam is, de komende 2 jaar. Ik denk vaak aan je. Wonderlijk hoe het leven loopt, is het niet? Lopen is het nieuwe surfen 😉
    x rick

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      Whaahaa! Ik heb een comment van Batman! Hahaha! Wat leuk en fijn van je te horen, Bruddha! Poeh, daar vraag je me wat. Dat weet ik ook niet. Maar ik denk dat ik de komende jaren vaak een maand of 2 naar HK zal gaan, om de doodeenvoudige reden dat ik daar gewilder ben dan hier (en dat flap ik er zo uit, ‘hier’ was toch ineens Amsterdam en niet Chiang Mai). Hetzelfde geldt voor Beirut en Bagdad. Tegelijkertijd mis ik een Europees klimaat en Nederlandse humor en vertrouwdheid. Als ik een bestseller zou schrijven en het daardoor zou kunnen veroorloven zou ik gewoon weer in Aerdenhout willen wonen, eerlijk gezegd. Maar zo ver is het nog niet. Hug!


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