Not much to say

Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Today was perhaps the touristiest day of my whole trip. Together with yoga friend and fellow world traveler Giovanna from Brazil I toured over the island. After scootering around for a while we took a boat to what is said to be the most beautiful beach in Koh Phangan: Bottle Beach. You know what we did there? We took a nap. Now that is some serious laziness. I am much better at being touristy when I have company than when I am alone.

I am on my bed, hiding under the mosquito net. I feel clean from the shower and can still feel the sun in my skin. I feel satisfied, quiet and also somewhat alone. But it is an aloneness mixed with kindness and acceptance. It is what it is. I feel no need to change it.

You know what? I have nothing to say. I could talk about that I woke up with a hole in my heart or that I was disappointed that the so-called most powerful yoga exercise in the world for the sublimation of energy (uddiyana bandha) didn’t solicit any noticeable effect. Or I could talk about a reader of my blog that came to visit me last week and another one yesterday. Both men quit their job and have left their homes.

I moved from my bed to the veranda. I hear the whispering of the coconut leaves in the wind and the sounds of the sea. I feel peaceful, speechless and silent. I will close my laptop and be with that for a while. Maybe you should try the same.

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