Reflections on success from the Ocean View Room

Hong Kong, China.

There is something fascinating about this city. I feel I could be successful here. If I would stay a little bit longer I think my client base would grow pretty fast. This is not just because I gave a couple of good workshops, it is also the energy of the city.

Yesterday I attended an event organized by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. There were many Dutch people and by now I know a handful. It was interesting to see how fast connections were made and how connections lead to immediate action. One guy would say to other: “I did a workshop with him. It was super cool! You MUST do it too!” and the other guy says “ok” and he pulls out his agenda. We will meet on Monday.

I can imagine that this is addictive: to be able to shift gears fast every time there is an opportunity. I can also imagine that when everything works out as planned one can get drunk of success. Everybody is on the same page here; everybody wants to make a lot of money fast. On first sight this doesn’t really click with what I am offering but the people I meet here are also adventurous. Expats and entrepreneurs have left their country to go on an adventure abroad. I think some sort of selection takes place: those who took the challenge are somewhat different from those who stayed home.

I don’t know if I mentioned it before but I am staying in a hotel now. It is called the T-Hotel: a training hotel for students who want to work in the hospitality industry. It is relatively affordable but the service is at a 5 star level, and so are the rooms. This makes me feel pretty ‘executive’; I feel autonomous, successful and intrigued. I realize that if I come back next time I could just stay here, receive clients, give workshops, and use my room as an office and a workspace for private sessions. I can fuel my spiritual battery in India and replenish my financial resources in Hong Kong. Just the idea that I might leave here with more money than I came while sleeping like a prince feels fascinating. And the idea that I could repeat this trick and actually become better at it is even more fascinating.

Until now I was never in a position to experiment with greed (and don’t get me wrong; I still am not). I can see sometimes my stinginess, tightness and clumsiness around money but ever since I am walking this path of development and spiritual growth my income has been modest. I wonder how it feels to generate a stream of income that keeps getting stronger. I can imagine it will have impact on someone’s personality. I can also imagine it will create superiority, at least temporary. What I think is addictive is the feeling of being rewarded. This is what we can’t get enough of: being rewarded for who we are and what we do. It soothes the pain of inferiority.

At this moment in my life I feel rewarded by the positive feedback and the gratitude I receive. My ‘success’ is based on sharing. I share my pain, sadness, insights and love. When I am totally honest the effect is that healing occurs. When healing occurs in someone, gratitude flows back. This is wonderful of course. I am fully aware that I don’t need much and if there is anything I need it is love and friendship. I wonder what would happen if I would start being rewarded significantly in a financial way. I wonder how Eckhart Tolle handles his money. Does he give it away? Does he invest it? Is he afraid to lose it? Would money change me? Would I be able to handle it elegantly and wisely? Would I become a jerk? How would it feel to receive two streams of rewards, the flow of gratitude and the material equivalent? Would I be able to feel truly rich and overflowing of abundance or would I create my own poverty by getting too attached?

Just some questions that are brought up by being in Hong Kong.

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