The Dutch Warrior’s Dream

Hong Kong, China.

Now and then I receive really cool and heartwarming emails. Because they are personal I don’t feel free to disclose them. But this time I received a poem, for me and about me, from a young Indian man. And since he has published his poetry before I feel free to publish this poem here. I am touched by the fact that somebody made the effort to write a poem about me. Thank you, Ravi.

The Dutch Warrior’s Dream

for the best of world’s uppity

to show him a truthful city

sets out this man of will

in hopes to bring a change probable.

he knows to speak the truth,

knows well the mystery and myth,

offers a hand to up bring the lost

and leads the path through dark forest.

come along a loss of love

lives with faith on vivid hopes

let war bring him close to perish

stands to test his time and flourish.

not to let down the trusted one

leaves a fact beyond the town,

sure is his way a difficult dune

to spot and stand and fight alone.

though here is this man of honor

precedes his brighter manner,

not can you stop making a deal

nor will you regret spending a dollar.

He is out, not home-bound

He is a traveler, not James Bond

now is time to give him applause

you sure know he has a heartfelt cause.

now is time to join his path

’cause he won’t wish to leave you behind

make a wish and handover

its this Dutch Warrior’s dream to make over!


– Ravi Umadi, June 2012

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