Dreams and intentions for 2013 (and beyond)

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

The new year has started! We are still alive, the world hasn’t changed dramatically (unfortunately) and personally I don’t feel too different although the Maya Calendar ended and all the planets were lined up. Today I am on the road for about 355 days and for me the best news is that I am indeed still alive and kicking.

The last 2 years I did an exercise for myself that I will do again now. I will sit down and write all my dreams, intentions and desires that come up in 5 minutes. I make the list without thinking and editing. When I am done I will look at my last year’s list and see if I was ‘successful’ in 2012. This is a new part of the exercise. I look forward to it because last year I found out that what I wrote in January 2011 came true.

Ok, here we go:

I want nothing

I want to love

I want to give

I want to facilitate healing

I want to make people smile, I want them to see themselves and forgive themselves

I want to go to South Africa

I want to meet my Princess

I want to become financially successful

I want my income to be consistent and abundant

I want silence

I want to be in nature

I want to laugh my ass of

I want to be understood

I want my friends to see me and hear me

I want to go snow boarding

I want to taste wine

I want to become a better facilitator

I want my vision to become clear

I want my book to start crystallizing in my head

I want to be ‘discovered’ as a writer

I want my website to become a source of clients

I want to be happy

I want to be fit and healthy

I want to grow spiritually, emotionally and professionally.

I want the universe to keep guiding me.

I want my heart to keep opening, more and more.

I need love

I need support

I need help

I need friends

I need luck

I shall trust

I shall give

I shall love

I shall persevere

I feel more raw and vulnerable than ever. I did not know what 2012 would bring me but at least I had a list of countries and a plane ticket and a house and a girlfriend I thought I would come back to. This time I have nothing. But I will dive into 2013 just like I did into 2012 and it will be adventurous, I am sure.

I recommend you to do this exercise too.

Now I will take a look at last year’s list. I see I wrote down similar things as this time. Looking at the list gives me a sense of gratitude though. I do feel that I became wiser, softer and stronger last year. And it is quite amazing how much of my list in 2011 came true. At that time the idea of my journey was not born yet. Some dreams take more than a year to materialize but it seems that (almost) nothing is out of reach. Most things came true or came closer. I am on a good path.

Now it is your turn. Post it in the comments if you like. Happy new year!


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    I enjoyed this exercise Atalwin. My dreams and intentions for 2013 feel stronger now that I have written them down in this format. I also have made a vision board that supports my dreams so I can look at it every day. Happy New Year to you.

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