It’s all about the flexibility

Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

As you might know I have been meeting quite a bit of challenges lately. When I was in Buenos Aires I worked very hard to organize workshops in New York and eventually I had to cancel because nobody registered. Now I am in Hong Kong, a place where I was astonishingly successful 9 months ago and this time I am doing alright. Although the work for ATG was both rewarding and fulfilling once again I had a hard time filling up the workshop that I love to give. Again I thought I had to cancel. Hardly any registrations with only 2 days left. First one person, then two, then a cancelation, then two again. No momentum. Then I met one of my participants during a network meeting for coaches. She asks me if it is true that I think about canceling. She asks me how many people I need. Two minutes later – I am not exaggerating – we have a group. Thank you!

During that meeting I met a guy with a fascinating story. I guess he liked me too. The next day I find forwarded emails in my mailbox of him introducing me in the most flattering way to all kinds of cool people who now all want to meet me. More so, these people had already heard of me. It is so strange, one minute I find myself in some sort of vacuum, the next minute everything is moving and I feel some sort of famous.

So all of a sudden there is momentum. People request coaching sessions, I am collecting business cards, the workshop will happen. For the workshop I am organizing the things that need to be organized, figuring out the logistics. Things seem to flow, finally. Then shit happens again. I find out that the conditions considering the location have changed. All of a sudden a great location turns into a difficult location. It doesn’t feel right anymore. I know I need an alternative for.. tomorrow! Now I have participants but no location. How to find a new location on such short notice? Meanwhile I am receiving email from the participant asking for an address and directions.

Instead of planning the lunch I am now trying to find a solution. I have a couple of stressful hours. I make a few phone calls. I ask some friends for help. Little later I have not 1 but 2 possible solutions. I chose the one that from a calm and serene atmosphere point of view is the least appropriate but from a karma point of view my best option. I chose to work in the space of the guy who immediately and wholeheartedly backed me up the very minute I needed the support. I am very grateful that my other friend found a spiritual center with a vacancy in no time though. Haha, the irony. I just remembered that the owner of this particular center did not have time for me a week ago. I completely had forgotten about that. I guess this is meant to be.

It keeps blowing my mind how the situation changes and changes and changes. I keep wondering if there are people who experience life as linear, who just go from a to b to c. For me it is not like that. But I do feel I am becoming very flexible and I read the signs fast. When the communication came to a halt around the primary location (no response to text messages) I knew I had to make a decision immediately. When the registration didn’t happen I stayed remarkably calm, being able to suspend the decision (and the panic). I must say, in a weird way I am enjoying these lessons.

I have 2 more weeks of Hong Kong ahead of me. I am so curious what will happen. Will I feel like a rock star again? Or will I receive teaching in humility? Asking myself these questions has an interesting effect. The openness of not-knowing calms me.

“What is zen?” asks the student. “Be flexible” the master replies.

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