Things I love and am grateful for

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

Good morning! I am going to write another list today because it makes me feel good and because it is my website (I admit I do feel a bit of guilt around making it easy on myself). Last night I was thinking about the things I love.

I am not really sure where it will take me but the idea is to write down any thought without thinking or editing, just blurting out what comes up, for 2-3 minutes or 5 if you are a slow typist like me.

Here we go:

I love people

I love movies (not all of them)

I love to be kind

I love true friendship (to experience and to observe)

I love good food

I love honesty

I love to make love passionately (amazing sex, hell yeah!)

I love to see people open their hearts

I love to laugh

I love to not take myself too seriously

I love to be strong

I love to be fit

I love adventure

I love fresh powder

I love to listen

I love new things

I love beautiful breasts

I love to challenge myself

I love to empower others

I love a beautiful woman, including her breasts, butt, smile, voice, heart, soul, lips, eyes, everything

I love it when she calls me handsome

I love to feel well dressed and well groomed

I love tropical nights on the beach under the stars

I love clean sheets, a comfortable bed and a powerful shower

I love a luxurious hotel room

I love a beautiful wristwatch

I love fresh fruit and fresh vegetables

I love fresh seafood

I love cafe latte

I love passionate people

I love to listen to people who are passionate about things I don’t know much about

I love children

I love dogs

I love people with great taste

I love the feeling of success and accomplishment

I love nature

I love God

I love my teachers, formal and informal

I love the women in my life

I love my family

I love my friends

I love my brother

I love to run

I love to do strength training

I love to meditate

I love yoga

I am grateful for my life

I am grateful for your life

I am grateful for nature

I am grateful for my parents

I am grateful for my capacity to experience love

I am grateful for my courage

I am grateful for my health

I am grateful for my work

I am grateful for being able to make a difference in the lives of others

I am grateful for those who helped and supported me when I was feeling down or lost

I am grateful for having a sense of humor

This is nice. This is a feel-good exercise. I should do this every week. It is a great reminder of what is important in my life. Thank you for listening. If you want to feel good, I recommend you to try it for yourself. Enjoy!

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