3 Pretty Girls Orgasm While Singing

Anna from ADAM

Have you ever tried to sing a song while masturbating? It honestly never even crossed my mind. But the girls of Dutch girlband ADAM tried it and made a video of it. I can imagine them having had a lot of fun during the creative process.

There is a reason why I post this video. I feel it is more than just sexy. I think it is a very brave, vulnerable and humorous idea and therefore inspiring. I think it is both powerful, playful and incredibly honest. Unless they are faking of course but I don’t think they did. The video can also turn out to be a commercial for some vibrator brand, that would be a bummer too. We’ll see. For me this is still a video about female bravery. I hope it stays that way.

Watch the video and see for yourself. What is your impression?


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