Eps 18: A Moment Of Warrior Glory


Today I had a little moment of warrior glory. I did everything according to the protocols we developed for the 100 Day Warrior. I woke up, got out of bed, peed, went downstairs and squeezed a lemon, mixed the juice with half a liter of water and drank it. I took a quick shower, dried myself off and put on a shirt and some pants and took place on my meditation cushion. I meditated for 40 minutes, got dressed for the day and went back to the kitchen to make myself a smoothie with protein powder, blue berries, coconut milk, oats and then some. I went to the gym and trained hard and focused under the guidance of friend and trainer Mike.


When I left the locker room, freshly showered and my body buzzing I walked along the Keizersgracht to my next appointment. This was when my moment came. I felt strong, calm, open, present and aligned. I had the idea that I was 2 centimeters taller than usual. Not because my ego had swollen but because my back felt straighter than normal. That was how it felt. But an explanation could be that Mike taught me how to lengthen my hip flexors and quads, giving me more space in my upper legs so I don’t ‘hang’ in my lower back so much.


I feel it is more than the hip flexors, it is the combination of everything. Of course it makes perfect sense that if you start an intensive exercise program under professional guidance, create outstanding eating habits and integrate a decent chunk of meditation into your morning routine you will start to feel better. But this morning I really felt it myself, and it felt great. Not just the feeling itself but also the gratification of a vision becoming true. I felt the pieces of the puzzle fall into place just like I hoped they would.


My thoughts went to my fellow warriors and current students. Would they be feeling it too? I hope so and if not yet today I hope it will happen soon.


Imagine if more people would take care of themselves this way. Imagine if we create programs that are designed to empower people. Instead of turning people into profitable units we can create circumstances that make people shine. I don’t think that a workweek should be exhausting. I think that if basic principles concerning spiritual and physical health, proper nutrition and respectful communication are applied an inspiring environment is created that is inviting to contribute to.


It is for that reason that I chose to ‘recruit’ my warriors from entrepreneurs and executives in the creative industry. It seems wise and appealing to start with people with vision, guts and imagination. Until this far I am not disappointed at all. I would like to meet and work with more of those. If you feel spoken to feel free to connect.


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