Eps 100: Aaaaaand..It’s A Wrap!




IMG_1851Aaaaand.. it’s a wrap! 100 Days of spiritual practice, strenght training and clean food. 6 amazing people took the journey with me. Now we will see if the bonds are strong enough to last and to build upon. I hope so and if I will keep contributing to strengthening those bonds wherever and whenever I can.

Tomorrow we will look at an office building together. We might see a way to assemble all our businesses under the same roof. Fingers crossed.

I must say I feel a bit empty right now. I have felt so much gratitude and euphoria the last couple of days and some fear after the euphoria started waning off that there seems not much left for me to feel. I just want to rest a bit and then continue building on the vision.

Tonight we had a photo shoot, the results will come within a couple of days I hope. Also I will receive the measurements of all the tests. Then we will see how much faster, stronger, lighter and/or more muscular we become. Alse we tested for mindfulness. The size of the group is too small for the test results to have official scientifical value but I am still curious if we will be able to see some improvements in inner peace.

As Arent said today: tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives. In 2004 I created a 100 Day Challenge for myself, together with a buddy of mine. We decided to meditate every day for 100 days. Now 10 years later he is a coach and therapist and I am a life coach, mindfulness trainer and the inventor of the 100 Day Warrior. It is safe to say that that challenge changed our lives. I also think that the 100 Day Warrior is changing my life. I would say it is very possible that the lives of my participants will be changed forever. That is a powerful thought.

From tomorrow onwards I don’t have the self-imposed moral obligation to write daily. But at the same time I kinda got used to the habit. Also I will share with you the data that we will collect and some of the pictures. So more posts will come.

The 100 Day Warrior has been the most interesting and inspiring project I ever designed and lead. It has been transformational for me, I feel sure of that. Even though it is not yet clear what I will become. But a big thing for me is that it seems to inspire others and it seems to attract new people. Which would be pretty awesome because this implies that working out and meditating with amazing people will be what I do for a living. The transition from somebody who had a hard time to make ends meet to a guy who can pay his rent is a very welcome one.

Although you guys hardly ever comment on this blog I would like to ask you what your experience of this adventure was. What parts did you like best? Where there things that you missed? Any advice or recommendations? I would be very happy to hear those.

Well that’s it for now. An amazing journey has come to an end. During the summer of 2014 I chose ‘Life-changing journeys for talented human beings’ as a tag line. If I am not mistaken this is exactly what happened during the last 100 days. I am very grateful for my warriors Sanne, Tommy, Esther, Erika, Pirke and Arent. And I am tremendously proud of them. Namaste motherfuckers, see you on day 101.



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