Eps 2: Accidental Creation of a Dream Job

keep-calm-and-create-your-dream-job-3Here we go, post number 2 of my little 100 day personal blogging challenge. Somehow I am not so nervous about the amount of writing I still need to do. In a way it feels a bit like coming home to a discipline that I like. It reminds me of all the coffee places, buses, beach cabins and airplanes where I typed my posts during my journey around the planet and into my soul. There is something about being a witness, an observer and a reporter that makes sense to me. I try to report from places that other people I tend to overlook, I guess.


Yesterday, during our first session of the 100 Day Warrior, we created a sense of departure. 6 aspiring warriors and me took off for a journey into the unknown, guided by 3 young personal trainers that were hand picked by me. What I try to do in such a session is to create a feeling of transition by – for example – introducing some intensity by making the trainer ask his warrior-to-be client ask if s/he is ready 3 times while they both stand in the middle of the circle. I have borrowed these elements from the Buddhist ceremonies that I have participated in. By making an earnest promise when surrounded and witnessed by like-minded people I feel you make the promise to yourself, to the other and to the whole. By saying it 3 times you address the trinity of self, other and whole once again. And in a way we are marrying the trainer and his student, making them both aware of their mutual responsibility and interdependence. It is a bit shamanic too: by acknowledging and honoring the energetic bond between people the bond becomes stronger.


The beauty of creating such a huge commitment is that everybody is highly motivated. Nobody has a half-assed attitude towards the project, everybody is excited and looking forward to the adventure to come. That way we have already won half the battle. I didn’t really see that perk coming. I was predominantly worried if I would be able to find participants for a program that looks intense, demanding and not cheap.


Now that I think of it, I just realized I created my own dream job! I get to train and meditate with the type of people I find inspiring to be around! Yes way! You probably won’t believe it but this realization is only hitting home right now! I didn’t take the time to see it because I was so entangled in preparing and writing the course, creating a structure, dealing with resistance and adversity and the pressure of finding participants while trying to make ends meet, paying bills and finding a new place to live at the same time.


I am looking forward to having a good time. So curious how this story will unfold.


See you tomorrow.



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