Eps 27: A Long But Good Day


Boy, I am so proud. Tonight I have been receiving results from the participants of the 100 Day Warrior. It is amazing how disciplined they are after only 3 weeks in the course. It seems like everybody dives into the practice like fish in water. It is completely different from teaching conventional mindfulness courses. Never before I had such motivated students. It is really a pleasure to work with them.


Also I am very happy with the trainers from Evolve. They carry a big responsibility because they are almost closer to my participants than me. They train their Warriors 3 times per week. I have 3 trainers and each of them takes care of 2 Warriors. Before the kick-off I tried my best to emphasize that the 100 Day Warrior program should not be perceived as a conventional personal training program. They would be working with people who exposed themselves to a process more intense and complete than most of us have ever done. I tried to get them in the right mind-set and get them focused. I wasn’t sure if I was getting through to them at the time but by now I can see them all acing it.


From the very beginning the program was intended as a project that would inspire everybody involved. And it is just great to see how everybody is riding a wave of positive energy. The trainers are very impressed with their Warriors, the Warriors are having a great time with their trainers.


Another thing that please me is that I think I am getting better at dieting. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed about next measurement but if I am noting down what I eat correctly I am hitting the macronutrients almost perfectly and I am never hungry. This basically means that I am eating exactly what my body needs, and I can assure you; it is more than a carrot per day. As a guy who has a little bit of an over-abundant appetite I always tend to overeat somewhat unsurprisingly leading to a bit too much bodyfat. The kneejerk reaction for someone like me is to regard a diet as ‘eating as little as possible’. But what happens is that you screw up your metabolism. You don’t want your engine to burn on a little flame, you want a good fire. This feels counter-intuitive to me but it seems that I am finally learning. The idea is that I am constantly fueling my body with high quality fuel. It feels lovely.


I apologize for not having anything profound to say. It has been a long but good day and it is almost midnight. Tomorrow another day. Sleep well and have a beautiful weekend!


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