Eps 33: Be Flexible


A fisherman was driving his boat towards the shore of the river. At some point he sees another boat coming in his direction. He signals the boat with lights, making sure he is seen. But the other boat doesn’t change his course. Now according to local rules the fisherman has right of way and he starts shouting at the other boat, since that boat is now within shouting distance. But the boat doesn’t change his course. By now the fisherman is furiously shouting, cursing and scolding, he is beside himself from anger and at the very last minute he changes his course to prevent a collision to happen. He is ready to teach the other captain a lesson with his fists. He looks into the other boat for that stupid man. He sees the boat is empty.

What kind of person are you? Are you somebody who starts shouting at the other boat or somebody who makes space?

The student asks: “what is Zen?” The Master responds, ‘be flexible’.

Or like Bruce Lee said: ‘be like water, my friend’


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