Eps 38: 7 Benefits Of The 100 Day Warrior (Report After Only 38 Days)


I have said it before and I will say it again: I feel really blessed to work with the people who are participating in the 100 Day Warrior.

I just come home from the screening of a short movie “Costa del Sol”, produced by IamErika, the production company of one of my particpants Erika Vocking. I was joined by another participant Tommy Kleerekoper, together we had decided that it would be nice to give our Warrior sister some support. It worked: she was pleasantly surprised.

It is nice to see someone’s professional life. Obviously I knew that Erika had a production company but I had not seen her work before nor had I seen her operate as a professional. For some reason it feels a bit like seeing secret side of somebody. I have many friends of whom I never visited their office, studio or showroom. What was also nice (and a relief) was that it was actually a good movie. I assume we all know the awkward feeling were you see something artistic from someone you know and it is so alien to you that you can’t find the right words when you look in their hopeful eyes. “It was.. interesting”. But fortunately Costa del Sol was cool and totally worth it the trip through wind and rain.

It was the first time since the beginning of the course that I spend some informal time with my participants and it was also the first time that we met as a small delegation of our group. It is funny to see us all drink water while surrounded by beer and wine drinking people. And of course the topic comes on the 100 Day Warrior program and their progress. I could listen to their experiences and was happy with what I heard.

These are some of the benefits that they were reporting (and I overheard) after being 38 days on the program:

  1.        Recovery from sugar addiction. And a first hand experience of what happens to your body when you eat something sweet after a period of abstination: weird kind of hot flashes. You learn what a strong, intrusive and unpleasant effect sugar can have.
  2.        Equanimity in mood and concentration that feels unheard of.
  3.        Off-the–scale stress coping abilities
  4.        Even though under lots of pressure during work sharper and calmer than ever
  5.        ‘Never been so productive’
  6.         Positive, even impressed feedback from co-workers (‘how come you are not freaking out under this amount of pressure?’)
  7.         More life energy


For some reason I had not anticipated that the progress of my participants would translate so directly to their professional performance. But it was nice to hear. We are not even half way. Let’s keep up our discipline and see what it will bring us next. I will go to bed now with a smile on my face.


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