Eps 41: The Faces Of The World

Today I will do something that I don’t do too often on my blog: I will steal content and publish it here. It is a beautiful collage from assumingly different photographers that I just ran into. I am not sure what kind of website AcidCow is but I found these Stunning Photographs Of The Human Race on their site.

This website and my works central theme is warriorship and human bravery. “The essence of warriorship, or the essence of human bravery, is refusing to give up on anyone or anything” said Chögyam Trungpa, the great Tibetan spiritual teacher that I like to study and often use as a source of inspiration. When I looked through the pics below I was reminded to his words. There is so much beauty and sadness in the pictures and at the same time so much love and bravery that it reminds us of our humanity, our diversity and our obligation to ourselves and others to not give up on opening our hearts and taking care of each other.

Please enjoy the tour:

stunning_photographs_01 stunning_photographs_02 stunning_photographs_03 stunning_photographs_04 stunning_photographs_05 stunning_photographs_06 stunning_photographs_07 stunning_photographs_08 stunning_photographs_09 stunning_photographs_10 stunning_photographs_11 stunning_photographs_12 stunning_photographs_13 stunning_photographs_14 stunning_photographs_15 stunning_photographs_16 stunning_photographs_17 stunning_photographs_18 stunning_photographs_19 stunning_photographs_20 stunning_photographs_21 stunning_photographs_22 stunning_photographs_23 stunning_photographs_24 stunning_photographs_25 stunning_photographs_26 stunning_photographs_27 stunning_photographs_28 stunning_photographs_29 stunning_photographs_30 stunning_photographs_31


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