Eps 44: The Difference Between Conscience And Consciousness


Yesterday I wrote a post about ruthless compassion. The reason why that topic sprung to mind was because I read something from Osho and I really liked the courage and the ruthlessness he was displaying. I admire that.

This was what I read:

 A man who lives through conscience becomes hard.  A man who lives from consciousness remains soft.  Why? Because a man who has some ideas about how to live, naturally becomes hard. He continually has to carry his character around himself. That character is like an armor; his protection, his security, his whole life is invested in that character. He always reacts to situation through the character, not directly. If you ask him a question, his answer is ready-made.

That is the sign of a hard person – he is dull, stupid, mechanical. He may be a good computer but he is not a man. You do something and he reacts in well-established way. His reaction is predictable, he is a robot.

The real man act spontaneously. If you ask him a question, your question gets a response, not a reaction. He opens his heart to your question, exposes himself to your question, responds to it.


A man who lives through conscience becomes hard. That is a pretty bold statement. In my mind conscience is relating to seeing right from wrong. But as I continue reading I realize Osho is right: in most cases our conscience becomes mixed up with our Judging Mind. Although I also feel that conscience is related to the heart I can see that our conscience can become contaminated by fear and we confuse what is right with what people say is right.

You can feel for the man with a conscience. Because it is clear that he wants to do the good thing and he ends up as a hard man. It is sad. But it is also good that somebody warns us in baldly chosen words. Because I can think a lot of us can relate to the description of the man who wears his character like an armor, and how he becomes fixed in his ideas, beliefs and responses.

I don’t know about you but I have been observing this predictability in character more and more since passing 30 and even more after 40. It seems that quite a few of us become solidified in their personality. I notice this especially when I am in an environment where there seems to be a collective code among ‘professionals’ to behave, act and speak a certain way. It can feel like a charade. It feels artificial, uncomfortable and sometimes even unsafe. A snake pit is the word that comes to mind.

Fortunately we have the option of becoming a real man. With in intention and practice we can dissolve our armor. Would you like to know how? Check out 12 Things Every Guy Should Master To Become A Real Man.


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