Eps 49: 11 Random Things That Are Awesome

Hippies Kissing


Today I was in a gloomy mood. I felt uncomfortable, dissatisfied and somewhat disheartened. As I was just cooking up a meal, feeling burdened by the idea that I still have to write a post even though it is quite late already and I have to work tomorrow, I decided to write about things that cheer me up. Just random stuff that comes up in the next 15 minutes. Here we go:


1. Friendship

Friendship is awesome. It is mysterious but awesome. I don’t really understand why some people are your friends and others aren’t even though they seem to meet all the requirements. Although I have very few friends left I feel blessed to still have at least two.


2. Watching somebody do his work with dignity

It always touches me. I know places where the same person is behind the counter for at least 20 years. The place is always spic and span, the owner is always polite and professional. Props to the fishmonger, the falafel man and the baker from around the corner. I feel endless respect for ya’all.


3. When the girl that you love gives you that heart-melting look

Girls are awesome and love is awesome and how can you not love her? And then there is that moment where you see in her eyes that the feeling is mutual and you feel a sudden pang in your heart.


4. Being in shape

There is something really nice about feeling really in harmony with your body and the world around you during physical exercise. That moment where your body whispers in your ear that you can easily go for 15K if you want although you had 10K in mind. Or you seem to be able to just keep adding plates without getting tired. It feels like your body is singing to you and you feel gratitude for being alive.


5. Great sex

Same as above but now there is another body involved. And another mind and another heart. And everything connects, fits and melts. And for some reason everything seems to flow perfectly and there are two bodies singing at the same time. And not slightly different songs but the same song! In perfect harmony even. Bliss.


6. Music

Although I am not a connoisseur music is awesome. It can move you, open you up, touch you. I envy people who can sing beautifully or have mastered an instrument. I think is is very special if you can express yourself musically.


7. Nature

The variety, the diversity, the scale, the ingenuity: just mind boggling and awe inspiring. I have travelled for 18 months and our planet is different but beautiful everywhere! It is amazing.


8. My work

My job is to be real, honest, courageous, creative and compassionate. How awesome is that? I help groups and individuals reveal their blind spots and guide them towards a more integrated sense of identity. I try to help people transcend their egos. I can learn forever in this field, always have fascinating conversations and offer something that has a lasting positive impact on people’s lives.

9. Kissing

I just had a little lapse of procrastination and saw a post on my Facebook wall that showed a pic of hippies kissing. I was reminded of 2 things: that I was writing this post and that kissing is awesome. Especially in the desert when you are with a hippie chick. Not that I have ever made out with a hippie chick in the desert but still.

The pic is now above this post.


10. Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness make you restore your hope in humanity. Doesn’t matter if you are a witness, on the receiving end or the performer of the act yourself. It makes you realize that goodness exists. It exists because you can feel it.


11. Shared vulnerability

It can happen in my workshops for example. That moment when not just somebody but everybody has their guards down and everybody sees their humanity reflected back in the others. The preciousness of the moment is almost tangible and it is clear that everybody else feels it too. It is raw, real, soft, beautiful, intense or light.


Ok, I feel better now. Thank you for listening. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments. It will make you feel better.


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