Eps 51: How To Hold On To Inner Peace


Our mind is a tricky thing. When we create a habit of intentionally observing the mind on a daily basis without judging what we encounter a whole new world is revealed to us. We notice things that were always there but that we never really noticed before. We see that we have many thoughts but very few original thoughts. Most of our thoughts are connected to fears and we are carrying around all those concepts and ideas about how we should be and how the world should be and we waste an enormous amount of energy by having the same thoughts over and over again.


It is saddening and disheartening to find out how you have been shooting yourself in the foot by holding on to limiting beliefs, expectations, assumptions and judgments. But there is good news too! By seeing things for what they are you are given the option to let go of those things. When I was traveling somewhere in Asia I had an opportunity to go rock climbing. But I had an idea that a) rock climbing was very difficult and b) that rock climbing was for skinny strong guys so I thought it was not for me. Not that I had ever spoken to a rock climber, mind you. If I would look a little closer at my resistance I would find a fear of embarrassment, deep down I had created a picture of a big, clunky bald man who couldn’t get on the stupid rock and dangled helplessly from a rope. But I saw my mind at work and decided to give it a try regardless. Guess what? Rock climbing was awesome! And I did fine, well above average even. The ideas I had about rock climbing were not based on any experience; my mind had made it up.


When you start inquiring your mind you will find it is swarming with these type of thoughts. Actually, you will find out that every thought is a good candidate for some letting go. As you make this practice into a daily habit you will notice your mind will become clearer. During the day you will feel a lot less ‘crowded’ in your head and you might have enough space to allow yourself to respond differently to situations, like in my case when I decided to go rock climbing regardless of my thoughts and beliefs. Because you have more inner space you feel calmer, more present and more open.


One of my warriors had an experience like above. She is thrilled by it. It is beautiful to receive such a gift for the first time. But later in the day that started so beautifully she had some difficult interactions. Her question was ‘how do I hold on to my inner peace?’ This is interesting! The moment we receive some inner peace we want to hold on to it. We want to own it, possess it. Our greedy ego wants to put it in his pocket and write his name on it. Mine! But inner peace it now something that you can own. It is impersonal and always available but can only be uncovered by letting go. Perhaps it is like with the windshield of your car: if you clean it in the morning the glass is perfectly clear but after having driven your car for 6 hours it is not clean anymore. Nobody will blame the windshield for not giving back the clarity. You have a responsibility to clean it yourself.


It is not necessary to hold on to inner peace as it cannot leave you. But it is recommended to stick with the practice of letting go as it will allow you to enjoy the inner peace underneath your mind clutter.


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