Eps 52: 9 Things I Would Do If I Would Win The Lottery


Now and then I see something or think of something and sigh because it is out of my reach. And then I think ‘if I would win the lottery I would..’ followed by a quick suppression of the thought because I think it is childish to think in such a way. Also, I find it mildly depressing to realize that I am limited by lack of financial means.

But then there is the other side. And that is if am afraid to be open about these wishes and desires they will definitely not be heard or recognized. You can’t grow a tree if you are afraid to plant the seed.

So let’s see what comes up:

1. Learn To Act

I think it would be awesome to go to acting school. I have no idea if I have talent for it but I assume that hard work with great acting coaches will guarantee a reasonable amount of progress. It would be a different way to study personality structures and ways of self-expression and most likely fascinating and beneficial to my work. I think it will make me a better communicator and a better coach and facilitator. And I would get to spend a lot of time in New York.

25K per year at The Actor’s Studio Drama School


2. Do the Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change Course at INSEAD

INSEAD is an elite business school and they have perhaps the best leadership institute in the world. Doing their Executive Master would give me access to the best people in the field, provide me with valuable connections and the necessary tools and authority to contribute to positive change on a high level. Basically I would want to train to become an elite change agent that has the skills, credentials and network to act on a level that matters.

49K for 18 month course at INSEAD


3. Visit the North Pole

I would do all those type of expeditions that are not just adventurous but – at this moment – too costly. Visiting the North Pole is one of those. I would like to experience that place before we have ruined it or it melted.

Starting costs: 31K at Quark Expeditions


4. Scuba dive at untouched spots (with manta rays)

No idea where to find those. Papua New Guinea? Maldives? I was into Scuba diving 10 years ago and although I have been at beautiful places they were always contaminated by tourism, too much (dynamite) fishing or climate change. There must be places that are still pristine and it probable takes money and effort to locate and reach them. But same as with North Pole: I would love to experience it before it is gone.


5. Buy a house

Ideally it would be a place big enough to have a modest zendo (meditation room) big enough to receive fellow practitioners and located in the center of Amsterdam, or just outside. I would like it to have a roof terrace and a view that allows me to enjoy the sunset. It would be also nice if it is big enough to live their with a girlfriend and perhaps start a family. Stylish furniture and beautiful lighting would be awesome.

40K per year


6. Train with a Personal Trainer 4 times per week

Workouts with a personal trainer are completely different. I would aim for a very fit, perfectly balanced body and – ideally – injury free. This is a type of luxury that comes within reach if money is not an issue. I would totally look like a Spartan in the movie 300 all year round. And with my new found acting skills I might be eligible for a part in the sequel.

18K per year


7. Create a Think Tank that aims for maximal social impact

This is very similar to what I want to achieve with the 100 Day Warrior: empower talented people. But I can imagine that if I would be able to invest money in such a project it can become a lot more interesting. How about challenging 12 bright minds to spend let’s say 100K per year in the wisest, most compassionate imaginable with the goal to create maximum social impact.

100K per year


8. Help deprived teenagers and young adults for free

If I would never have to worry about money again I would make sure that I would be structurally available for young people. I imagine myself working one day per week for free. But it might not be working, perhaps I would just make sure that there is a place where they can hang out and where they are exposed to inspiration by inviting cool people to share their gifts. Music, or sports or whatever.


9. Support struggling warriors

All over the world there are people with limited means who are trying to serve their community as good as they can. It would be amazing to help those warriors out, with money or otherwise. Also I would like to connect them with each other. Maybe I could arrange an annual meeting somewhere on the planet.


Damn, my life would be amazing! If only I win the lottery! I would have money to do all the cool projects I want without being dependent on others. I could make things happen and operate on a high level, becoming more effective. And if I needed a break I could go on a cool adventure.


Well.. At least the list puts a smile on my face.


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