Eps 57: Internal Day

Internal Day - zazen

There are many moments when I feel lost or that I doubt if I make the right decisions. I don’t doubt my intentions though; I know where I want to go. But I am hardly ever sure if the road I have chosen will take me there. And then there are these rare moments where I realize:  Oh my, this might actually work.

Today there was such a moment.

Today we had the ‘Internal Day’, the 9th session of the 100 Day Warrior. During this day we practice more intensely than thus far. Instead of 4 hours we spend 8 hours practicing meditation and self-inquiry. I introduced a method that I learned from my teacher Genpo roshi, that he calls the Big Mind – Big Heart Process. It is quite a profound, gentle and playful way of revealing how (our) consciousness works. We blend this process together with more meditation than usual. Until now the warriors have never meditated more than an hour on a day. Today we did around 2,5 hours of sitting meditation plus an hour of walking meditation and a silent lunch. This gives us the opportunity to really feel how silence can work on us.

The moment I am referring to happened in the second half of the day. It was the moment where the group as a whole realized what warriorship is about. That this path is more than a process towards physical fitness and self-realization but that we have a responsibility to at least try to make a contribution to the awakening of humanity. Or, in simpler terms, to do good.

It is hard to describe a moment of insight. You can explain somebody what apple juice tastes like but he doesn’t really know what you are talking about until he got a taste himself. But the very moment he tastes the juice you can see in his face: now he gets it. Something like that. Multiplied by six.

Right now I am just a very happy man.


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