Eps 58: Don’t Be Afraid Of Heavy Things. Just Lift It!

Trap Bar Dead Lift I

Do you know the feeling that after a conversation, meeting, negotiation or another form exchange you are left with the feeling ‘I wish I said that at moment so-and-so or ‘I should have said that when he bladibla’? I too have that, and obviously I have these moments particularly after a session of a workshop. One of the nice things about this blog experiment is that I can take another shot at it.

During the Internal Day one of the warriors mentioned his preference for lightness, and was happy that we had fun too. This came just after I thought I had landed the grave task of the warrior: to do his best to make a contribution to the awakening of mankind. I had pointed out the suffering and the confusion that is caused by our universal ignorance and called them out to take action. The moment was very real, almost tangible. As I said yesterday: I think everybody felt the call. But I can see that the call could feel a bit intimidating too.

Yes, I think it is important that we do not let us be scared away from the things that matter and yes, this path is about being unconditional and not about personal preferences. Things that matter include suffering, sickness and death and yes, I think it is important we are open enough not to choke of flee in those moments. But not fleeing from heaviness also means we are moving towards more love, openness and connectedness.

But apart from the obvious upside that it is totally worth it to do something that actually matters while including structural increase of your capacity to love, open up and connect- even if it is difficult – , choosing to do something noble that is bigger than yourself also includes inevitable adventure and many touching and healing moments are guaranteed.

Imagine we decide – and I am just making this example up as I type – to give children hope. Choosing such a mission alone starts a fascinating creative process. How are we going to make that happen? And yes, we might fall and stumble on the way. But sooner or later we will find ways to give children hope, and the numbers will grow. After some time we will be able to include children from different countries, and sick children and deprived children. And yes, perhaps we might find out about heart breaking circumstances, possibly seemingly too much to bear. But we will overcome and find ways to even reach the children who need it most. When we stay loyal to our cause we might bring hope to millions of children. Now that is something that I would like to see on my tombstone: ‘He gave children hope’.

Trap Bar Dead Lift IIWalking away from something because it is too heavy is not a very brave thing to do. One of the teachings of the 100 Day Warrior is to not walk away from heavy things. This is where the gym serves as our real life metaphor. You don’t walk away from something heavy! You lift it! And then you feel awesome! You never feel desperate after lifting something heavy. You feel like you conquered something, you feel a sense of achievement and liberation. It feels good. And it feels good learn about yourself that you have become a Warrior that does not walk away from heavy things anymore. The insight is: when I am no longer intimidated by heavy things I discover hidden potential and fulfillment.

Slightly besides the point but I also feel it is important that people who are strong in the gym are able to translate that strength into life. There is a lot of insecurity in gyms and dojo’s and a lot of over-compensating. Obviously lifting heavy means nothing if you are a coward in real life. If you strengthen your body to hide your character weaknesses you are missing an important opportunity. But that message is for another audience.

Our path is to open our hearts and keep our backs straight. The idea is to open our heart a little bit more every day. This way you will understand yourself better every day. You will understand fear better and you will find it more and more appealing to not give in to fear. Change will happen within weeks. Now muster up the courage to keep doing this year after year and you will have a life filled with love, happiness and magic. There will still be sadness but.. nothing your big heart can’t embrace.


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