Eps 59: My First Piece Of Art

Kiss by Jacob Oue Sobol

Marieke van der Velden, friend and famous Dutch photographer posted on Facebook that Magnum Photos was cleaning out their virtual basement and was selling signed photos of apparently famous photographers for an affordable price.

The house that I am currently renting had a lot of personal pics from the people who are renting it to me in the house. Although they are friends and nice and handsome people I thought it wasn’t appropriate to keep them up. It felt too much as if I was staying at their place.

I am not very good at making a home for myself. I have been called a typical man in that perspective: I forget to light candles and don’t turn on the warm lights. I do keep the place clean and tidy though.

I have noticed that I am forever intrigued by photos. Every time I come in their houses I look at the pics my friends and family have on their walls. Every single time. But for some reason I never put up a pic in my own house.

Yesterday I realized I had to jump to the occasion. I found it scary because I am not convinced of my own good taste. My taste in clothing, music, design and art isn’t very well developed and I often ask for help if I have to make a decision in those areas. But this time I made myself make the selection by myself. I must say that it must be a very safe task: professionals from Magnum selected unknown work that they liked from famous photographers. And the only famous photographer I know personally approved this selection too.

For a guy that speaks about bravery a lot I am not very brave when it comes to making choices around clothing, furniture and colors. Funny contradiction, don’t you think? Although it doesn’t feel funny at all; if I have to buy a new pair of jeans I feel the same discomfort and resistance most of us experience when they move outside their comfort zones. I find it easier to fly into a war zone to give workshops there than making choices about my identity. If I go to a dangerous place to work, at least I know in my heart I am making the right decision. When I have to buy a pair of jeans I fear the feeling of humiliation when it turns out I just missed the mark. Again. I just never feel confident in that area.

But.. I faced my fears! And bought my first pieces of art. Still hoping I made the right choices..

One of the photos I bought is the one above this post. According to the photographer the couple is still very much in love. The old man was proud to introduce the photographer to his girlfriend. He is in his nineties, his girl is 10 years older than him. I find the picture upsetting, touching and humbling. I hope to find the woman that I can share my life with and that we will never ever get enough of each other.


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