Eps 60: Thích Nhất Hạnh Is (Not Yet) Leaving Us



Moments ago the sad but touching news reached me that Thích Nhất Hạnh is passing away. He is still in is body but he is on his way out. This is sad news for us but also beautiful because he is 88 years old, lead a wonderful life and is surrounded by his closest students who he has been training for many years to be completely present with him in this very moment. We don’t have to feel sad for this beautiful Buddha, he is well prepared and ready, but for mankind it will be a great loss.

Now I am also hearing that he is not dying but just sick and has a chance of recovery. His lay students are asked to send him energy during their meditation. One way or the other, Thích Nhất Hạnh is worthy of your good vibes. If you have a meditation practice, don’t hesitate to open your heart for this Warrior.

If you have never heard from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh; he is a global spiritual leader, poet and peace activist, revered throughout the world for his powerful teachings and bestselling writings on mindfulness and peace. During the 100 Day Warrior I have used his writings as inspiration regularly and I have quoted him more than a handful of times.

Thich Nhat Hanh’s key teaching is that, through mindfulness, we can learn to live happily in the present moment—the only way to truly develop peace, both in one’s self and in the world.

He was an advocate for peace during his whole life. Born in Vietnam and a Buddhist monk from the age of 16 it is stunning to hear the amount of good works he accomplished during his life. Published more than 100 books, founded 6 monasteries, founded a Buddhist university, founded magazines, invented ‘Engaged Buddhism’, founded the movement. His work had already started in Vietnam but during the war he plead for peace in Europe and the USA. This attempt to create peace with the ‘enemy’ lead to his exile from Vietnam. For 39 years he wasn’t allowed into his country. Must have been heart breaking for him. But he never backed down from his mission.

How inspiring..

Now hear him speak in this interview with Oprah. It is so clear that the only way to contribute to peace is to become one with peace ourselves. And by listening to him, you can hear he has achieved that.


Last Sunday, during the Internal Day, I have tried to explain the following insight. But when it comes from Thích Nhất Hạnh it sounds much clearer.


“This body is not me; I am not caught in this body, I am life without boundaries, I have never been born and I have never died. Over there the wide ocean and the sky with many galaxies. All manifests from the basis of consciousness. Since beginningless time I have always been free. Birth and death are only a door through which we go in and out. Birth and death are only a game of hide-and-seek. So smile to me and take my hand and wave good-bye. Tomorrow we shall meet again or even before. We shall always be meeting again at the true source, Always meeting again on the myriad paths of life.”
― Excerpt from No Death, No Fear by Thích Nhất Hạnh

For our sakes I hope that he will live a lot longer. But if he decides to leave his body, he will be fine, more than fine. In my meditation I will try to send him the loving kindness he so generously spread during his life. I hope you will too.


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