Eps 61: Incredibly Beautiful Bike Path


We don’t really know if we as humanity are moving in the right direction. Or there might not be a right direction and everything is unfolding perfectly as it is. It seems that we as a race have caused so much destruction to the planet that we are heading towards our own extinction. Doesn’t really matter to us because we will probably won’t grow old enough to be part of that. And it also doesn’t matter to those who are living then because they have to die sooner or later anyway. For the earth it will probably a relief if we are gone and it can take 50.000 years to fully recover and who knows what kind of beautiful things it will produce then.

I am generally not very hopeful about the longer term survival of the human race but I generally also don’t think that this is a bad thing. It doesn’t matter and it doesn’t change my idea that it makes sense to lead a meaningful life.

But then again: who knows what we are capable of? Maybe we have figured out nuclear fusion in the near future and can we create energy from water, all our transportation works on solar power and electricity, we have found a way to eat and live without destroying the environment and we live together in peace and harmony with each other and nature. Perhaps we can create a Garden of Eden 2.0.

Sometimes you see something that hints in that direction. Today I ran into a bike path created by Dutch artist and designer Daan Roosegaarde. He created a surface that collects solar power so it can light up at night. Not only does it need no or hardly any electricity, it also looks incredibly beautiful, reflecting the starry nights in Vincent van Gogh’s painting. Imagine the implications if more roads could be build like this. This not something conceptual. It is real; the bike path was declared open yesterday.

And if you have a hard time imagining it yourself, please listen to Daan doing the imagining for you when he explains his smart highway concept. Fascinating.



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