Eps 74: 13 Questions To Esther

Esther Overmars nov2014

I asked a handful of people from the creative industry to send me questions that they would like to be answered by the participants of the 100 Day Warrior. Out of approximately 30 questions I selected 13 that seem to cover most of the curiosity of most followers. Sanne went first, Esther is the second to answer them. If you are curious about what Sanne said, you can click here. But now hear what Esther’s experience has been so far:

1. What were your expectations from the 100 Day Warrior? And have they been met?

When I first met Atalwin and he explained the idea behind this training, I immediately felt excited and curious. I knew this was the right thing at the right time for me.

I had already begun to realise some time ago that I tend to define myself very much in terms of what others think about me. As a result I had created a lifestyle that was sometimes a never-ending cycle of feeling inadequate and trying to live up to the ideal image I created for myself. I expected that the 100 Day Warrior training would help me to become more aware of this process and to let it go (plus I expected to feel strong, healthy & fit!)

Yes, my expectations have been met.


 2. How does the 100 Day Warrior affect you? How long before you started experiencing results?

I feel strong, both physically and mentally. Eating clean & healthy had immediate effects. Getting used to meditation and experiencing the effects of stillness, takes longer.


3. What was your biggest misconception of the 100 Day Warrior?

That it would very demanding and something that would be on my mind constantly. It was like that in the first week or two. Now it starts to feel like normal almost. I don’t see why I would not continue this lifestyle from day 101.


4. What impressed you most so far?

The group dynamics. It is amazing how ‘being in this together’ can create a bond between people that didn’t know each other before. I have also come to understand how much of our daily behaviour is actually driven by fear and that wonderful things can happen, when we are able to let that go.


5. What was most challenging, scary or demanding?

Daily meditation. When I read books like ‘The Power of Now’ I always kind of skipped the meditation part. It just felt silly to sit still and do nothing.


6. What is your biggest revelation until now?

Daily meditation, because once you give in and get used to it, it is wonderful. It feels like a space in an otherwise noisy world. I have come to really love that quiet moment in which there is nothing else but my breathing. Even though I often can’t still my mind. That’s OK too.


8. Which part of the 100 Day Warrior program would you rather have started 10 years ago?

Nothing. Because I truly feel that everything I experienced in the past 10 years (my twenties) were lessons that I needed to learn. Like I said: this training came at exactly the right moment in my life.


9. How does the 100 Day Warrior serve you in daily life and work?

I experience more tranquillity. Not that I am never stressed anymore, it just seems to pass much more quickly, because I am more aware of my behaviour. I catch myself sooner.


10. Does the 100 Day Warrior have an impact on the way you relate to your life?

Yes it does. I have become more aware of the fact that the things I thought were really important, really do not matter at all. And the things that matter the most, are often those things we easily do not pay enough attention to.


11. What do you expect from the 100 Day Warrior in the long run?

I start to really trust that all I aspire to be, is already right there. And so much more.


12. What does the term ‘warrior’ mean to you?

No fear-driven behaviour. No ego. To be open, present and calm. And to use these things to affect others around me.


13. What is your wish for the future?

I feel a strong urge to use my talents and potential for a greater cause. I hope to find a way to do so.


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