Eps 75: Warriors In Unexpected Places

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 21.46.31Today I want to share with you a video that I saw this morning. I posted it already in our private 100 Day Warrior Facebook group. I said something along the following lines: warriors are a rare species but you can find them everywhere. Sometimes they show up, and it doesn’t matter if this is in the ghetto or a posh school, if it is a dude or a lady, if the color of his skin is black or white, or if he is young or old. Not every warrior is as eloquent as the other but when you meet a person who gets it you will recognise him if you had some practice.


I find it uplifting and very beautiful to see the guy in the video find the right words in such a difficult situation like the shooting of a young black civilian by the police. He is not judgmental of the situation, he doesn’t take sides but he challenges the paradigm we live in and he does so in a convincing way. He invites you to go beyond thoughts, concept, ideas and beliefs. Indeed, if we all did that we would sink into our hearts where we would find a tremendous amount of compassion. And obviously compassion would offer us a way out of our suffering, no matter where on earth the suffering would take place.

Check him out:



For those who master the Dutch language: this video reminds me of another occasion where I ‘found’ a person with profound insight in an unexpected place: an artist who goes by the name of Snybone.



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