Eps 76: What The 100 Day Warrior Is About

Kung fu practice during 100 Day Warrior, photography by Jay Horton

Kung fu practice during 100 Day Warrior, photography by Jay Horton

  • Do you know the feeling of never having enough time?
  • Do you know the feeling of always being busy achieving because you feel you have to meet expectations and obligations?
  • Do you know the nagging feeling of ‘is this really it’?

Wouldn’t you like to change that for once and for all?

Humanity is captivated by fear and desire. We suffer so much from greed and fear of deficit that the less fortunate perish and we damage our planet and physical and spiritual health. You could say our lack of consciousness is sickness. We need to learn to live in a noble, dignified and selfless way. Paradoxically it takes courage to leave our sickness behind and devote ourselves to health and harmony. It takes the attitude of a warrior.

In September of 2014 6 talented people recruited from the Dutch creative industry took upon them the challenge to become the best version of themselves, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

The 100 Day Warrior is a combination of the most efficient contemporary methods to train body and mind optimally. The 3 main pillars are strength training, meditation and proper nutrition. Everything we offer is science based and guided by experienced professionals. We train 3 times per week individually and meet on Sundays for meditation class and either yoga, martial arts or boot camp.

The single biggest, most important discovery you can do in life is to realize that your self-image is not fixed or solid but something you can let go of. The ego is an illusion. By stopping to obey your ego you immediately enter a whole new dimension. You will experience a tremendous space. You’ll feel that you can actually make a valuable contribution and you’ll feel the courage to make it happen.

The 100 Day Warrior is developed for visionary and creative entrepreneurs to make a quantum leap in their physical and spiritual development. You are on this planet to give your talents to a worthy cause that is bigger than you. We will help you realize that. You will discover a hidden potential inside yourself you never knew you had. You will be stronger, faster, warmer and wiser than you ever before.

If you have the courage to transform your body and open your heart you are welcome to connect with us. Click any button for a free coaching session or additional information. I will find your message.


This is episode 76 in a series of 100 blog posts that will be published daily during the 100 Day Warrior, a unique program around physical strength, inner wisdom and meaning. All posts are written by Atalwin Pilon, founder of Basic Goodness and creator of the 100 Day Warrior. For requests for motivational speaking, in-company workshops, online coaching and mindfulness training click here. If you would like to join our international community of brave and inspiring human beings or just follow this blog and receive updates, please click here or sign up on the right side of the page. Atalwin specializes in coaching smart and creative people, both groups and individuals. If you are interested in a free coaching session click here.

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