Eps 79: Three Different Perspectives On Enlightenment


This weekend I saw a beautiful and fascinating documentary called ‘My Beautiful Broken Brain’. It is the story of a young woman who had a stroke at 34 and in some way had to learn to use her brain again from scratch. It was a beautiful and touching story that offered a very interesting insight. What Lotje Sodderland, the main character, reported was that the place where once her brain was -the damaged part that was beyond repair- had become a portal to another reality. Because she had lost the filter that labels, judges and categorizes she had partially lost the ability to speak and write but instead she can intuit the world. Totally recommended!

The movie ended with a conversation between her and David Lynch where Lynch explain spiritual enlightenment. While hearing his voice an animation was shown where you could see how an enlightened brain doesn’t light up partially like a normal brain but completely. I wanted to find that animation and read and write about it. But I couldn’t find it..

But my queries did give me another idea. I searched on ‘What is Enlightenment’ and I want to show you a couple of different answers from different spiritual teachers. Each in their own way they say the same thing that Lotje says: enlightenment is perceiving without a lens, without distortion of the thinking mind.


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