Eps 81: David Lynch On Meditation

David Lynch

Lately, I am finding it more interesting to expose you to the experiences and perspectives of others than my own. There is a specific clip of David Lynch that I have been looking for but I haven’t found it yet. While searching I found another video of him talking about meditation. I think it can be helpful. He uses an interesting metaphor to explain the added value of expanding your awareness. Also he speak about how his meditation practice benefitted him in his work and in his private life.

One side note: David Lynch was taught by a guru named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation movement. In that movement they claim that ‘their’ method of meditation is superior to other methods. David Lynch believes that, I am not a big fan of such claims of superiority. David Lynch is always advertising for Transcendental Meditation and he tends to subtly or not so subtly suggest that you should pick up that particular method. Personally, I think that most meditation techniques are valid and according to my knowledge science seems to agree. I have never  heard of a study that proves one meditation technique to be superior to another, most likely because every technique is in essence the same: turning attention inward and observe the breath. The benefits of meditation are not exclusive to those who created a brand around it, on the contrary. But let’s forgive him because TM was probably the first school of meditation he ran into and it changed his life: it is ok to be biased if you feel you owe a lot to the philosophy.

Apart from the suggestion that TM is better than other meditation he explains it pretty well.


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