Eps 85: He Who Says He Can And He Who Says He Can’t Are Both Usually Right


As I write this I feel very tired. It is almost 22.30 and I still need to write this post. The only thing that makes me do it is the obligation I have to myself. Not many people would notice if post 85 went missing but I would. It would be too much to bear. I also had a cookie, some chocolate, nuts and bread with cheese. You can’t destroy your caveman diet and your blog routine on one day, right? What would the world come to?

Because tired and not too inspired I searched for an inspiring video. And I found one! Amazingly enough I found it right on top of the page when you search for ‘inspirational video’ on YouTube. Can you believe it?

First impression: it made me smile. Then the thought came: “wow, this is cheesy as hell” Thirdly I noticed that all the voices that you hear are actually from famous actors and picked from movies where they play either a coach (Al Pacino), an athlete (Sylvester Stallone as Rocky) or a father (Will Smith). In the fourth place I wondered “why does this speak so profoundly to us?”

The 100 Day Warrior is based on the Hero’s Journey as described by Joseph Campbell. What this man discovered is that all myths and stories of humanity essentially tell the same story: the hero’s journey. The stories that we tell each other from generation to generation and through all times and cultures are all about conquering challenges and liberating ourselves first and then others. Every story is a metaphor of the journey our soul must make to free itself from fear and conditioning. When I read Campbell’s book A Hero With A 1000 Faces it was a huge eye opener to me. It is the reason why I deliberately create journeys for myself and others: since we are stuck in this adventure called life we better navigate it according to the real rules.

In Hollywood they have understood storytelling extremely well. It seems to me that they are able to tune in on the ‘frequency’ of the hero inside us. Perhaps that’s way it is so appealing to watch this heroic video filled with heroic language and desirable images. There is an interesting paradox going on: by watching the footage you partially feel that what is said and shown is unattainable and on the other side you realize you are spoken to too.

“He who says he can and he who say he can’t are both usually right”

The choice is yours, I guess.


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