Eps 90: New Research Shows That Fit, Good Looking And Confident People Are Way More Successful

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The 100 Day Warrior is a science based program. All the methods we use have been proven to work according to research. This goes for both the physical and the spiritual part of the program. Also we will measure the results when we are done, to see if the actual results are as good as the expected results.

Although it has never been done before in the way we are doing it now, in some way it was a no-brainer: when the idea was conceived I knew that if proper nutrition would be combined with exercise and meditation we would have profound results on many levels of well being.

So are you thinking about changing your life? Do you want to become strong, lean, open, at peace and emotionally stable and connected to like-minded souls? The 100 Day Warrior will give you that, if you put in your devotion. We can pretty much guarantee your success. We have science on our side.

But guess what? Since a couple of day we can add new compelling arguments to do the course. Sometimes back-up comes unexpectedly. The Dutch Bureau for Social and Cultural Planning recently released the results of a nationwide research “Differences in the Netherlands”. The research criteria included for the first time what they called “personal capital”. This category contains things like looks, confidence, strength, stamina, flexibility and charisma. The researchers were taken by surprise by the unexpectedly strong relationship between looks and success in life. People who look good and feel fit and confident are way more successful in life! During job applications you have a 20% higher chance to be asked for a second interview and if you get the job you will receive a higher salary. You have more friends, have a 30% higher chance to be helped by strangers if you are in trouble and people will generally find you trustworthier.

Impressive, don’t you think?

Just in case you had doubts about the benefits of the 100 Day Warrior: the program provides major improvement of your Personal Capital. A stronger physique, better posture, more confidence, less body fat, more charisma and mental stability: check!

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