Eps 92: The Best Work I Have Ever Done

Photography by Jay Horton

I missed a beat! Oh no! After 91 days of disciplined posting I missed one. I will make up for it this week, perhaps tomorrow already.

Yesterday was great. It was the last meditation class combined with a crossfit inspired workout. Because it was our last formal session I used it to ‘harvest’ insights. I wanted to make my participants aware of the journey they made, the terrain they have covered and the growing that they have done.

The 100 Day Warrior was the most intense, most inspiring process I ever designed and facilitated. I feel very honored and blessed to have found people who had enough faith in me to let me guide them. This has been the best work I have done so far and it feels like we fertilized the soil. I don’t think it will end here, I think we are just at the beginning.

One of my warriors said that she feels a growing acceptance of the feeling that she can make a huge impact with her potential. This is an incredibly important realization! Can you imagine what it means when we actually start to acknowledge our potential and accept our responsibility to share it?

Until now she had heard people say that but she never really believed it. She thought that those people must be wrong or are just trying to flatter her. I know that feeling very well. Although I might feel a tremendous force inside me now and then I also feel inadequate and insignificant quite often. Somehow it is hard to believe that what we are doing is working so well. I am waiting for ‘reality’ to happen to me.

But one of the ways I use to wake myself up is that it can’t be a coincidence that I work with such amazing people. It can’t be that I am the only fraud. What I see in the Warriors they must see in me too, somehow. They are too smart to be fooled so I must be on their level. Energetically I have no doubt in my mind that we have a special connection but on a rational level I have a hard time taking that in.

This is a pretty good tool by the way for determining where you are on your path: if you are surrounded by superficial and fake people chances are that you are quite superficial and fake too. If you are surrounded by smart and materialistic people chances are you are like that. It is a good way to recognize both strengths and weaknesses. It is not a law set in stone but it gives a pretty good estimate. For me it helps me pierce through unnecessary beliefs, sometimes too positive, sometimes too negative.

One of my personal goals in life is to surround myself with inspiring people and create lasting relationships that transcend personal and professional. I am so thrilled that this seems to be actually happening that I have to pinch myself. Pinching yourself is another tool you can use to verify if you are awake or not. 😉


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