Eps 94: I Really Need A Dream House, Dear Universe. Please Help



I am looking for a new home! Again! Due to unfortunate circumstances (or perhaps very fortunate circumstances, who knows) I have to leave the house where I am living right now. I am mobilizing my Facebook network but I thought I could use my blog as well.


972551_10151962488006160_92431462_nTo be honest I have never been very good with visualizing my dreams in the way The Secret explained us. I don’t consider myself a very lucky person. There have been periods where I worked hard for something on all the levels, from the material till the esoteric, by not only doing production, marketing and sales but also praying, visualizing, meditating; everything. This was when I was in Buenos Aires preparing workshops in Manhattan. Long story short: I had to cancel the workshops because nobody signed up and felt devastated. So fuck The Secret.


(There was an interesting lesson though. Because I had a great time in New York and I realized that if my biggest failure during my journey still felt like a pretty awesome adventure I must have been doing something right).


But you know how it is. In the same way that people who don’t consider themselves religious start praying when their plane falls out of the sky I am strongly nudging towards giving The Secret another chance since I really need a nice place.


intMy good friend of Marcel (we have been buddies for FORTY years, I kid you not) has great taste and a blog where he showcases his collection of pics of beautiful things. I stole a couple of pictures from his blog to give the Universe some ideas. I am sure he won’t mind if the Universe is ok with it. Actually, I think he would come visit me more often if my place would meet his aesthetic standards. It is not his fault that his physique just happens to better equipped to rest in Eames chairs than an ordinary human being. So please Universe, put a stylish pad on my path, it is not just for me but also for my friends.


bedroomAlso, dear Universe, I would like my next house to more permanent than the last.. well.. 7 houses I have lived in. It would be really kind of you if you help my find something affordable for Amsterdam standards and if that is not an option please send me lots of lucrative gigs. I’ll promise I will rock them and give all those clients a memorable and valuable experience.


int-1There is an interesting coincidence playing out analogous to this blog post. The idea to write 100 posts was triggered by a conversation I had with Huub van Zwieten, a visionary entrepreneur who I met last summer. We met only a couple of times but there was a connection. During one of those meetings he told me a fascinating story once how he decided to make a dream materialize by creating a blog around it and writing about it every day until it happened. His dream came true! And after hearing that story, only days before the 100 Day Warrior started, I thought it would be a cool challenge for me too although I wasn’t really clear what I wanted to materialize within these 100 posts. But after 95 days I finally figured it out! I want this series to help me find my dream house!huose


Now guess what Huub’s successful visualization project was about? It was about materializing his dream house. He currently lives there with his family. Took me 95 days to find out I wanted to copy his idea all along.

(Yes, very attentive reader, this is episode 94 and not 95. But I missed a post last Sunday and have yet to catch up)


Now guess who just signed up for the 100 Day Warrior II and who I will see tomorrow morning? Huub!bloodandchampagne6178

Is this a peculiar coincidence or what, Universe? These are signs, right? This is how you work. So what do you say? Do I deserve a nice place to live?

PS While I was browsing Marcel’s blog for pictures of nice interiors I also found my girlfriend. It it is not too much trouble, dear Universe, could you send her to my new address? And make sure I am home that day!



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  1. shazia Hatoon says

    I too want my dream house. Moved so many times. Done all the different raise my vibration things, rituals and prayers to silent exhaustion and unfaith.??? please un8verse effortlessly??

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