Eps 95: Warrior Training Improves Sex Life (Not Kidding)


thisThere is a small but important difference between the benefits that I expected the 100 Day Warrior would bring to the participants and the benefits that they are experiencing. One of the effects I didn’t foresee is this one: the 100 Day Warrior training will improve your sex life.

Some of my participants have been dropping hints. And apparently they have been dropping their hints also outside of the locker room and the meditation hall at Evolve. Because my phone has been ringing and new participants are signing up. Do you think they are registering because my vision of an enlightened society speak to them? Nope, they have heard rumors about a reinvigorated life in the bed room. Or their partner has heard such a thing. They like my blog and all but what pushed them over the edge was the idea of bringing the Inner Stallion back to life. Did you hear that? I were my idealistic dreams going out of the window.

So let me shamelessly state it here:

The 100 Day Warrior will boost your sex life! Sign up now, limited spots available! 🙂

I’m not sure if that is important to you. But if you one of those rare specimens who care about looking good naked, having lots of energy, feeling stress-free and rested and having your hormones pumping like in the old days then you should consider signing up for the next course. These are the inevitable consequences of exercise, proper nutrition and meditation! Combine testosterone with a fit and healthy body and an open heart and you have an irresistible combination, according to the girlfriend of one of my warriors.


To my credit I would like to say that my program offers more than just a better sex life. Actually I do my best to transmit a message that is about being honest and brave, facing your fears and live a life in service op planet and humanity. This is what I feel when I talk about warriorship. But apparently this speaks less to our imagination than being good in bed. I have been trying to hard to create something that transcends the superficial but guess what: I just learned that sex sells. And you know what? I think it is wonderful that the partners of my participants are reaping the benefits of our training too. I think it is wonderful AND funny.

Which brings me to my final thought of today: why the hell was I single again?

PS Did you see all the links? They have been inserted for commercial purposes and will redirect you to the 100 Day Warrior page. You can sign up there if want to be more like the couple below. 😉



PSII Images stolen from aestheticsforthemasses by my tall, grey haired vanilla pudding eating friend.


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