Eps 97: Pieces Of The Puzzle Falling Into Place

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Yesterday, Friday the 19th of December 2014, might be the most important day in my life thus far. I feel tears coming up as I allow the feeling to come up. It is almost too hard for me to embrace.

The last week of the 100 Day Warrior is a week of integration and returning back to life. The participants learned a new way to relate with themselves, their body, their emotions and their suroundings and now we are preparing ourselves to take the wisdom and power into the world.

We celebrated our journey with an incredibly luxurious 6 course lunch. I can only describe the experience as heartwarming from beginning to end. What was created between all of us is such a strong and beautiful bond and it is so nice to be surrounded by amazing people: kind, funny, smart, sassy, inspiring, invigorating, all of that.

photoYou have no idea how much that means to me. To see all them shine. I find it scary to write it down, afraid to jinx it, but it seems that all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place exactly the way I hoped they would. The energy between us is vibrant. We can have a great time together. We can cry together, we can laugh together, we can endure pain together, we can sit in silence together, we can eat together and we can lift weights together. Now see if we can move mountains together. And I honestly feel we can, and I am not the only one.I put a quote on the title page of the manual that I wrote. You can find the same quote elsewhere on this website. It has been with me since the moment I read somewhere around 2004:

You could do almost anything with just five people. With only one person it is hard –but when you put that one person with four or five more, you have a force to contend with. All of a sudden you have enough momentum to make almost anything that’s immanent, or within reach, actually real.

– Peter Senge

We are not with 5, we are with 7. And something very powerful is looming on our horizons. We are not exactly sure what it is but we are definately brave enough to go check it out.

As a gift I received a Japanese kitchen knive, made from the same steel as they make Samurai swords from. It symbolizes a connection with tradition, crafsmanship, nutrition, practice and Zen. They had the logo of the 100 Day Warrior engraved in the steel. So my Warriors gave me a valuable tool that lasts an lifetime to show their appreciation for the tools I have tried to hand over to them. What an amazing gift.

Meanwhile the 100 Day Warrior II sold out in 24 hours. Something is happening.

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