Eps 98: 13 Questions To Erika


I asked a handful of people from the creative industry to send me questions that they would like to be answered by the participants of the 100 Day Warrior. Out of approximately 30 questions I selected 13 that seem to cover most of the curiosity of most followers. Sanne went first, Esther was the second to answer them, then came Tommy, Arent and Pirke. And last but not least listen to what Erika’s experience has been so far:

1. What were your expectations from the 100 Day Warrior? And have they been met?

I wanted to create more focus to prepare myself for taking the next steps with my business and I wanted to work on becoming more patient during daily life and for the people close to me. My focus increased immediately after signing up but it got even better when the basic effects of diet and meditation kicked in. Having more patience is something I am unraveling and it’s a learning curve. But I learned a lot about why and when I don’t have it, and how to work on it 🙂 Apart from these significant benefits I got way more out of this journey then I ever expected!

2. How does the 100 Day Warrior affect you? How long before you started experiencing results?

After the first 10 days of coping with some detox effects and getting used to sitting in silence the first steps were made in to a super focused and energized and calm state of mind. After 3/4 weeks the body was more toned, stronger and my flexibility (in body & mind) was improved.

3. What was your biggest misconception of the 100 Day Warrior?

That it would be tough to: not drink alcohol, eat sugarless, train so much and meditate every day.  But it turned out all these things felt actually very natural to adjust to. The healthy habits are easy as the outtake is way more interesting then the „big” sacrifices I had to put into it.

4. What impressed you most so far?

The way this 100 day challenge is structured and build. In fact if you put your mind and efforts to it, the journey unravels as you go and you’ll have benefits in unexpected areas.

That’s pretty cool to notice. I was also impressed by the dedication of our trainers and how they guided us during our super fast developments. But most of all I was impressed by Atalwin Pilon and his trustworthy, open and vulnerable position in this pit of strong minded people.

Also the group of participants and the way we got to know each other on a pretty deep level is beautiful to experience.

5. What was most challenging, scary or demanding?

Staying focussed and disciplined during meditation and by doing so entering obstacles in the mind controlled by the perception of the ego or a cultural belief system.

6. What is your biggest revelation until now?

The ego and our rational mind can give pretty bad advice from time to time. In the mind there are areas where build up experiences from the past and expectations for the future are king.

Most people avoid looking around in those areas as entering  these „danger zones” with some friendly presence is not so natural nor comfortable. But it is very very useful once you’ve done it and dared it.

Once I learned this, during our journey, I entered my own ego’s obstacles „head first” – or let me rephrase that into: „heart first” 🙂  and it brought me several eye openers.

Meditation and exploring my blind spots lead me to growing compassion, made stronger and made me aware of the way I relate to some patterns in daily life and relations. Meditation disarms the ego and gives back more space and peace and that is super interesting to feel and develop.

8. Which part of the 100 Day Warrior program would you rather have started 10 years ago? 

That would be meditation. Pretty cool to get in a relaxed, peaceful and open state of mind without drinking any wine 🙂

9. How does the 100 Day Warrior serve you in daily life and work?

Fit, focused and a more presence.

People around me noticed a calm, open and focussed vibe, even during a period with a heavy workload and killer deadlines.

10. Does the 100 Day Warrior have an impact on the way you relate to your life?

Yes. I feel I have better understanding of my responsibilities towards myself and towards others around me.

By staying devoted to deepening of this awareness I hope the positive effects will keep affecting the people around me and I hope these effects will keep getting stronger.

Still a lot to learn, but hey we just got started 😉

11. What do you expect from the 100 Day Warrior in the long run?

These 100 days feel like the beginning of more present awareness of body, mind and soul. It has always been there and I have been in touch with it before occasionally. But now the connection has become much stronger and I now have the tools to maintain and deepen that connection.

I think there is no way back once you experienced this awareness. I will fall of the wagon from time to time, I’m sure. But I’m also certain I will find my way back. That’s life no? Trial and error.

12. What does the term ‘warrior’ mean to you?

Live by the heart, honest, with compassion and aware of your role and responsibility in life and towards others. It’s a complete package of good intention integrated with flaws, trials and errors (that’s more realistic and honest)

13. What is your wish for the future?

I wish:

to stay connected with the fellow warriors. They have a special place in my heart.

for every human being to have a meditation practice as it would do our world so much good.

you will become inspired by reading Atalwin’s blog and our experiences and adventures..


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