Eps 13: Friendship

Boys @ Pitch

As per today I own one pair of jeans more. And a t-shirt, or a polo shirt (I am not sure). And something that is part scarf, part woolly hat and is probably fashionable this winter. You might wonder why. Well, I just came from the showroom of my best buddy who had his bi-yearly sample sale. He and his business partner are representing a number of clothing brands in The Netherlands. They sell to retailers and obviously they need to sell next season’s clothing. At the end of the season they sell the samples in their showroom. Since a) I really dislike stores and shopping, b) I have an underdeveloped sense of style and c) I now have a chance to spend time with my buddy who has an awesome sense of style AND will give me trustworthy advice this is a good moment to visit his showroom. The only sad part is that there is hardly anything in my size but at least I walk away with two or three items that are fashionable. I might not like shopping but I don’t mind looking smart.


When I left his place I felt really happy. True friendship is such an interesting phenomenon. Why is it that – if we are fortunate – we have a couple of people in our lives that really get us? I mean, I know that most people are blessed with a couple of good friends but what is it that that particular man or woman is your friend? I know a lot of kind people, wise people, beautiful people, funny people, rich people and poor people. I even know inspiring people and people who have a similar mind set or have the same Zen Buddhist practice as me. But there are only a few people in the world that I would call when I am heart broken.


I find it interesting that friendships are similar to romantic relationships but then without the romance. I have been deeply in love with a few women in my life and I thought it would never stop. Still, the relationships did not last. But I have friendships where the feeling does seem to last. The relationship is never boring and always interesting, and I never get tired of the jokes we have been making for more than 20 years.


At this very moment, as I am writing this post, I have buddies doing things that are outside the protocols of the 100 Day Warrior (you know: no sugar, no lactose, no gluten etc.). And although I am not with them right now I am very grateful to have them in my life. Actually, my life would be not the same without them. Part of my wishes I could be with them, part of me is very grateful that I can take a rain check on tomorrow’s hangover.


Long story short: I love my friends.


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