Eps 9: Happy


Digging deep

The 100 Day Warrior consists of strength training under the guidance of a professional personal trainer named Wouter, Wijnand or Mike, daily meditation and proper nutrition. The first week was used to get acquainted with the diet. No carbs, and especially no sugar, no caffeine, no lactose, no alcohol and no gluten is a pretty big change. Quite a few of the 6 participants suffered from withdrawal symptoms and everybody had to figure out what food looks like when all these restrictions are applied. I myself also got my diet back in place. For me it is a little bit easier because I already learned what my body reacts to and what not. I allow myself some dairy for example. But I have to burn some fat so I cut the carbs and definitely the sugar.


Today was my first training session in the gym. I think it is important that I know what my participants experience. I have to know what they are going through and I believe that a shared experience will make us stronger. This is all theory. Because boy, I had a tough time! I have quite a bit of training experience but I am in a way still very much an amateur when it comes to knowledge of movement. To have somebody watching every detail and not letting you get away with the slightest bit of slouching or slacking is a completely different experience! This thought literally crossed my mind “man, I hope to be able to keep this up for 100 days” and “omg, what have I created and what am I doing to the people who signed up?”


In the manual that I wrote for the 100 Day Warrior I emphasize the body and mind connection. I wrote all kinds of beautiful sounding things about bringing your meditation practice into the gym, realizing that there is no difference between spiritual practice and strength training and cultivating Warrior Spirit. Well, I had to apply all my lessons! And I can tell you: writing about it was A LOT easier! I had no other place to go than focus on my breath while my shoulders were burning and I had 12 more reps to go and a trainer behind me who had no intention of letting me off the hook.


But right now I feel very good. A sense of fulfilment has entered my body and if I can feel this good after only one session, how good will all of us feel when we are further down the road? I honestly think this is going to work! I am very happy with the group, I am very happy with the trainers and I am so excited about the weeks to come! I am already so immense proud and deeply grateful for all the people who are carrying this journey, both trainers and participants; it almost feels like if my heart wants to explode out of my chest.


The last 12 months were difficult and outside this project I have more than a handful of challenges to meet the coming months. But this project feels really, really good right now. I am happy!


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