Day 1: 100 Day Warrior II: A New Journey Has Started

courageToday is a special day for me. Today was “The Departure” of the 100 Day Warrior II. During the first cycle we were with six, now we are with nine aspiring Warriors. And what feels even more special to me: our first session was in my own space. Basic Goodness has it’s own studio for coaching, training and meditation. It is quite a step. It feels so.. grown up!

I work gruelingly hard to get everything set up in time. To be honest: it was not so much on my agenda to teach meditation from my own place. But circumstances forced me to create alternatives for the way I had set things up originally. The party that formerly agreed to supply facilities and trainers changed their minds quite unexpectedly. I felt shocked and betrayed but I think it is turning out as a blessing. It took a massive effort to prevent the warrior project from falling apart but not only did I survive the blow but I think we improved on every aspect. This gives me great satisfaction.

It is so strange. Only after experiencing the freedom of a new situation we realize that the old situation wasn’t so comfortable and healthy. I have a tendency to fight for the preservation of relationships, to try to fix things. I am very loyal but I am also trying to avoid decisions that I don’t like to take. Loyalty is noble but staying in an abusive relationship out of ‘loyalty’ is just stupid and comes preferring the known to the unknown. For years I had a bookkeeper that sucked but I was in denial because if I would admit to myself that I had a bad bookkeeper then I would have to face 2 annoying consequences: first, I needed to find a new one and second, I would need to have an embarrassing conversation with the new bookkeeper about how my bookkeeping had turned into a mess. Needless to say: once I had found a new bookkeeper I was so much happier. He informs me in time with what I have to pay when and I have never had any awful letters from the tax department since.

I feel a bit numb because I have worked so hard. For 2 weeks I have made 17-hour work days. Now I will catch a breath and redirect my focus towards the new course and its participants. This is day 1, we have 99 to go. Another 99 days of strength training, meditation and team building. Another 99 days of working closely with amazingly talented people. It seems almost unreal.

I need to find a new form for this blog. I want something to change but I am not sure which way to go. I promised myself that I wouldn’t challenge myself again to write 100 posts in 100 days but as I was sitting around a bit today, going over my day, I felt an almost uncontrollable urge to write a post. I don’t know, to let this day go passed without mentioning it felt like blasphemy or so. Or I just conditioned myself so rigorously during last course that can’t control it.

Anyway: we have started. A new adventure is on its way. Nine people will be exposed to an intense process of inner and physical transformation. Together we will grow up. I will do everything within my power to make this journey into an unforgettable one. But I am not alone anymore. I have six warriors from the previous episode and an amazing team that have my back and therefore their backs. We will all grow together. That feels both humbling and empowering. No, it feels like a blessing.

I go!


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