Day 3: Random Things That Made Me Happy Today

cute barista

Just a couple of random things that made me feel happy today:

  • I flirted with the barista of the coffee place near to my new work place. And she made me a great cappuccino in return.
  • My interior design and branding warriors are helping me with advice how to make my new space into a nice workspace. I feel very grateful for their help.
  • My mom helped my pick out curtains (which were approved by the aforementioned design police) and we had fun doing it.
  • I am receiving very positive feedback from participants who are happy with their trainers. Makes me feel proud of the guys.
  • I cooked up a nice meal. Nothing pretentious just minced meat and lots of veggies. But to my body it feels like jet fuel.
  • I was asked to give a talk for a group of highly talented teenagers that will visit The Netherlands next week. The idea is that I will somehow give them some inspiration. I feel honored.
  • One of my clients is making great progress and it is wonderful to see her open up.
  • A friend asked me which protein shake to make for her boyfriend because he is always so tired when he comes home after a workout. Now that is true love.
  • I received a virtual hug from Buenos Aires.
  • I completed my administrative chores of today and organized my expenses and handed them over to my bookkeeper.
  • I planned a work meeting with a buddy who will help me put up the curtains, paint and install lights. I feel fortunate to have handy and helpful friends.


That was my day. How was yours?

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